Ursula Andress Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Son Net Worth, Movies

Ursula Andress Swiss actress,

Ursula Andress Biography

Ursula Andress is a film and TV actress, former model, and sex symbol from Switzerland. She is widely known for her roles in American, British, and Italian films.


She is well known for her roles in the first James Bond film, Dr. No. and in the Bond parody Casino Royale.

How old is Ursula Andress?-Age

Ursula is 85 years old as of 19 June 2020. She was born in 1936 in Ostermundigen, Switzerland.

Ursula Andress Swiss actress
Ursula Andress Swiss actress

Ursula Andress Family- Siblings

She is the daughter of Rolf Andress, a Diplomat from Germany, and Anna Andress, a French and Italian gardener. She has three sisters and a brother; Charlotte Andress, Erica Andress, and Ruth Andress, and a brother Arthur Andress.

Ursula Andress Husband

She has been married once and has been in several relationships; She was married to John Derek, an actor, and director. The couple married in 1957 in Las Vegas, separated in 1964, and officially divorced in 1966. They divorced over her affair with Once Before I Die co-star Ron Ely. She lost her virginity to actor Daniel Gelin in 1953, she has dated actors Dennis Hopper, James Dean, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Fabio Testi, Ryan O’Neal, John Delorean, Helmut Berger, Paolo Pazzaglia, Johnny Dorelli, Franco Nero, Nels Van Patten, and Ricci Martin. She has a son, Dimitri Hamlin, on 19 May 1980 with actor Harry Hamlin, who she got engaged to and later separated.

Andress dated real estate developer Stan Herman, Brazilian soccer player Paulo Roberto Falcão, singer Julio Iglesias, actor Gerardo Amato, and Greek bodybuilder Mario Natokis. In 1986, Fausto Fagone, then a student of economics at university, became a member of the future Sicilian regional assembly. Fagone ‘s parents were angry with the relationship and separated in 1991. Andress dated briefly later that year, martial arts specialist Jeff Speakman, but since that time was not publicly related to anyone.

Ursula Andress Career

She met a producer at a party and gave it a screen test for a role in an Italian movie. A Hollywood boss who convinced her to try out her luck in Hollywood saw her. In 1962, Dr. No’s first Bond film became globally recognized as Honey Ryder. She wore the bikini in 2001 for £41,125 in the film sold at a hearing. In 1957 Andress married John Derek but he didn’t make many films. She starred in 1965 at Nightmare in the Sun alongside Derek, and in 1963 at Acapulco Pleasant.

She played an everlasting queen for Hammer Films and 7 Arts Productions in 1965 and was called Andress. She went to France in 1965 to play the love interest of Jean-Paul Belmondo in Up to His Ears, a famous French player. In 1967 she played Vesper Lynd, a spy who persuaded Evelyn Tremble played by Peter Sellers to carry out a mission in the Bond Satire Casino Royale. This was also widely regarded.

Between 1969 and 1979 she appeared naked or half-naked, acquiring the pseudonym Ursula Undress in almost all of her film roles. In the 1981 Clash of Titans, Andress played Aphrodite, where she worked along with Laurence Olivier. Since the early 1990s, her performance has been uncommon for Empire magazine as 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History. Her last role in the 2005 Swiss low-budget Die Vogelpredigt has been Madonna.

Ursula Andress Net Worth

Ursula has an estimated net worth of $25 million as of 2020. She has accrued her fortune from her career as film and television actress, former model, and sex symbol.

Ursula Andress Movies

♦ 1965 What’s New Pussycat?
♦ 1965 Up to His Ears
♦ 1954 Un americano a Roma
♦ 1979 Tigers in Lipstick
♦ 1991 Ti ho adottato per simpatia
♦ 1962 Thriller
♦ 1975 The Sensuous Nurse
♦ 1978 The Mountain of the Cannibal God
♦ 1976 The Loves and Times of Scaramouche
♦ 1983 The Love Boat
♦ 1965 The 10th Victim
♦ 1973 Stateline Motel
♦ 1969 The Southern Star
♦ 1965 She
♦ 1976 Sex with a Smile II
♦ 1976 Safari Express
♦ 1971 Red Sun
♦ 1982 Red Bells
♦ 1986 Peter the Great