Slobby Robbie Bio, Age, Family, Relationship, Career, Net worth

Slobby Robbie Biography

Slobby Robby who his real name is Robert Hall, is an American store owner and reality TV star who sells and collects vintage clothing and memorabilia from the 1980s and 1990s, including bootleg clothing, games, toys, sneakers, jerseys and luxury leather bags. He his show on Netflix called Slobby’s World, where he showcases his primitive products.


How old is Slobby Robbie? – Age

The American reality TV star has not revealed his date and year of birth yet and his age remain under the wraps. He was born in Tucson, Arizona, the United States.

Slobby Robbie Family

The American reality TV stars’ family, he encloses a soothing bond with them and often gives the flare of a relationship in social media.

Is Slobby Robbie in a relationship? – Spouse

Yes, the American reality TV star is currently in love with his girlfriend, Sammy Jane Hughes, who is a travel and lifestyle curator. She is also, a Vintage Designer Purveyor, Sammy does flaunt her nail arts and vintage clothing products in her social media frequently. The two started dating in 2017 are now in the run of a couple of years of a happy relationship.

Slobby Robbie Career

The American store owner started his obsession with toys since he was in high school. Slobby once stated in an interview: ”I think l first started obsessing over vintage my freshman year of high school”. In 2013, he opened his first pop-culture store, ”Generation cool”, on 4th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona.

The boutique is specialized in the ’80s and 90s apparel and pop culture memorabilia. ”We only buy the 80s and 90s vintage piece”, once said Hall. Added that: ”Top shelf, iconic stuff, bright, colorful stuff that suits our style, suits my style”.

In 2018, the Slobbys’ world television series was released. It also ran on Netflix. It also ran on Netflix. The show follows Hall and his staff as they search for and evaluate unique collectibles, toys, and clothing from across the US. He stated that, ”This stuff is my life” in the first episode of the reality TV show. ”My life revolves around ’80s and 90s periods and capturing the nostalgia and the feeling l had when l was a kid from those eras.” In 2019, Hall opened a new location at 3540 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas.

At the boutique opening, the American reality TV star and his team had a grand opening party at the Hard Rock Hotel. At the party Rapper Slick Rick performed his real name, Richard Martin Lloyd Walters. Robby opened another store in June 2020. Robby stated Hall for Kgun9, ”We have here air conditioning and cold water, and we’re here for you, for whatever you may need, even if it’s just a nice positive conversation and a nice stroll around to get out of the house.

Slobby Robbie Net worth

The American reality TV star has an estimated net worth of $1 million.