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Rich Barton Biography

Richard Barton is The CEO of Zillow Group and an internet entrepreneur from the United States. Expedia, Inc., Zillow, a website for real estate listings, and Glassdoor, a job board and career community were all started by Barton.


How old is Rich Barton? – Age

He is 55 years old as of 2 June 2022. He was born in New Canaan, Connecticut, in the United States of America.

Rich Barton Family – Education

He was born as the son of a teacher and mechanical engineer Mr. and Mrs. James N. Barton of New Canaan. He earned an engineering degree from Stanford University in 1989. His father works for the Union Carbide Corporation in Danbury, Connecticut, as the director of general services.

Rich Barton Wife

He is married to Sarah Marcus. His wife studied at Northwestern University.

How many shares of Zillow does Rich Barton own?

He holds 15.8 million shares as of this writing. At a share price of $40 in November 2018, he purchased 700,000 fresh shares on the open market. In February 2020, he first attained billionaire status.

Rich Barton Photo
Rich Barton Photo

Rich Barton Companies

In 1994, Barton started Expedia within Microsoft. Microsoft had plans to create a travel manual on a CD-ROM in 1994. Barton, who was accustomed to the text-based internet services available at the time, had discovered a website hosted on Prodigy that was intended for home-based travel agencies. He presented the concept of an online travel agency to Nathan Myhrvold, Steve Ballmer, and Bill Gates. Barton received approval from Gates, Balmer, and Myhrvold to proceed with the initiative, which made its online debut as Expedia in 1996. After Expedia went public in 1999, Barton continued to lead the company as CEO until 2003, when it was sold for $3.6 billion.

After taking a year off from the corporate world to spend time in Italy, Barton returned to Seattle in 2004 and started collaborating with Lloyd Frink, another Expedia and Microsoft graduate, on the development of Zillow. Prior to the business’s debut, Barton and Frink gave little information about it away. He was one of the top 10 innovators under 35 in 2003, according to MIT Technology Review. He joined Barack Obama’s Presidential Ambassadors for Continental Entrepreneurship in April 2012.

What is Rich Barton Net Worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $2.2 billion. After posting impressive earnings at Zillow in February 2020, Barton, according to Forbes, reached the billionaire status.