J. P. Pomare Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Call Me Evie, Net Worth, Books

J. P. Pomare Biography

J.P. Pomare is an accomplished author whose works have appeared in numerous publications. Call Me Evie, his critically praised debut book, took home the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best First Novel.


How old is J. P. Pomare? – Age

He was born and raised in a tiny New Zealand town. His age is not known.

J. P. Pomare Family

His sister, two brothers, two border collies, and two cats all helped raise him. His mother passed away from cancer when he was eleven years old, and at the age of barely fifteen, he left home. He has always felt drawn to the shadows. Although his family enjoyed reading, they were not avid readers. Particularly Pomare’s father like a nice yard. There are countless stories that come out when the entire family is gathered.

J. P. Pomare Wife

He is married. The couple has a daughter and together lives in Melbourne.

J. P. Pomare Photo
J. P. Pomare Photo

J. P. Pomare Career

On Writing, a podcast he created and broadcast for almost two years, featured interviews with nearly thirty national and international authors, including Sofie Laguna, Dorthe Nors, E Lockheart, Chris Wormersley, Joyce Carol Oates, John Safran, and Dorthe Nors. Several publications, including Meanjin, Kill Your Darlings, Takahe, and Mascara Literary Review, have published works by J. P. Pomare. Additionally, he has been shortlisted and longlisted for other awards, including the KYD Unpublished Manuscript Prize.

J. P. Pomare Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.

J. P. Pomare Books

♦ 2022 – The Wrong Woman
♦ 2021 – The Last Guests
♦ 2020 – In the Clearing Lib/E
♦ 2020 – Tell Me Lies
♦ 2019 – In the Clearing
♦ 2019 – In My Skull
♦ 2018 – Call Me Evie