Dr. Rachel Levine’s ex wife Martha Levine Bio, Wiki, Age, Son, Net Worth

Martha Peaslee Levine, Dr. Rachel Levine's ex-wife

Martha Levine Biography

Martha Levine is a psychiatry, pediatrics,  and humanities associate professor at the Pennsylvania’s  Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center. Professor Martha is also known for being the ex-wife of Dr. Rachel Levine, the assistant health secretary under the Biden administration. She also works as the Director of the Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Eating Disorder Programs at Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center.

How old is Martha Levine? – Age

She was born as Martha Peaslee. The Levines have not been in the limelight for long, hence, not much is known of their personal lives, thus Martha Levine’s age is not known.

Martha Peaslee Levine and Rachel Levine’s Children – Daughter and Son

Professor Martha was married to Dr. Rachel Levine, prior to her gender transformation process. The couple met at Tulane Medical School where they were students, began a relationship, got married and had two children together. They are Dayna Levine and David Levine. Their son David works as a theater performer, videographer, and photographer. The former couple got divorced in 2013. Dr. Rachel Levine was nominated by the U.S. President to be the country’s assistant health secretary for his administration and was confirmed by the Senate, making her the first openly transgender official to be confirmed by the Senate.

Martha Peaslee Levine, Dr. Rachel Levine's ex-wife
Martha Peaslee Levine, Dr. Rachel Levine’s ex-wife

Martha Levine Career

As indicated, Martha Peaslee Levine is a Penn State College of Medicine Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Psychology, and Humanities. Throughout the four years of her students’ medical school, she introduces humanities to patients and helps them to understand how we view others and how this will influence the relationship between doctor and patient. In her experience in the area of eating disorders, she also addresses the way women are seen and the difficult perceptions against which they suffer.

She also acknowledges the value of intimate relationships with people when they deal with their disabilities or obtain help to fuel their recoveries. Her passions have previously driven her to serve as an editor for two separate books dealing with fashion.

Martha Levine Books

As part of doing her job, Penn State associate professor Dr. Martha Levine likes and encourages the use of writing as she finds it encouraging “self-discovery, self-acceptance and improved self-confidence.” She has gone ahead to publish two known award-winning children books, namely


♦  2006: Stop that Nose!
♦  2003: The Dragon Inside


♦  2014: The Twelve Days of Christmas in Pennsylvania

Aside from the books that lean on healing and creativity, Dr. Martha has also authored op-eds and articles that deal with the issue of eating disorders.