Alex Guantai Manifesto (2022)


BUURI MP (2022)


An invasion of armies can be resisted but nothing can resist an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo.

Every great revolution and change was once a mere thought. The thought transitioned to an idea and when it could no longer be contained, burst to become what we enjoy, envy or dread.

Born in a small unknown village of Rugetene, I have always had great thoughts of transformation for my place of birth. I have always been proud of my people and place but not content. Even as I transitioned through schools, I have always wanted to come home and give back to the society.

Driving force?

We do not have to be rich to give. We just have to want to! Wanting is still not enough. We have to master courage, show leadership, and eventually present ourselves as servants so that we can steer the transformational changes we, so greatly, aspire.

It is for this reason, that I, Alex Guantai Mbaabu, do present myself as a Buuri Parliamentary Candidate in the forthcoming general elections, 2022.

In this booklet, I have highlighted the major issues that I so strongly wish to address once elected in August.

My Manifesto is based upon three pillars; HOPE, PROGRESS and PROSPERITY.

Anybody who hopes tries, and anybody who dares make a simple step, prospers!



Buuri is greatly endowed with many resources among them agricultural. We are among the largest growers of Wheat, tomatoes, Potatoes among other agricultural products. If as a constituency, we must prosper, then we must make sure that our mothers and fathers toiling day in day out in our fields, get something to take home!

It is our duty to ensure that food, school fees and other needs are affordable in every single home. This can only be achievable by bringing on board investors for industrialization. This will not only increase the prices of our farm output but also create employment opportunities for our people. The first step of empowerment is money in the pocket!

We need crisps industries, Tomato industries and wheat industries. And this is possible!


Alex Guantai poster
Alex Guantai poster

Education status in our constituency is wanting. All the elected leaders have failed terribly in providing better and affordable education to our people. I have seen my parents struggle to give me the best and I cannot wish that to any parent.

We must join hands in changing this! Buuri needs better and well equipped schools for our children. We must embrace “school in Buuri, develop Buuri”. We must give the young residents of Buuri the best so that they insure us in our old age. This is only achievable by providing better education!



A healthy people is a prosperous people! There’s no agriculture, education, youth or development without healthy and sound people. I will ensure my people remain healthy by advocating for well-equipped and enough health facilities in the constituency. This is in terms of human resources, infrastructure and affordability through proper legislation.



We must run away from the culture of handouts. We must give to our youth and women that which they can show off years from today. We must not use them as voting machines who we dump immediately after elections. We must support sports, encourage prudent use of youth funds and grants, Support businesses and greatly involve them in running of Constituency affairs. This will reduce crime and boost work morale among the very productive persons in the constituency.

This will only be possible through creation of talent academies to boost talent and financial stabilty.



Water is scarce. Personally, I have travelled miles to fetch water. This is not right in the modern day and age. Every household deserves tapped water for domestic and farm use. We must encourage irrigation by providing sufficient water. Water must be the most basic and available want in every household. Then, we must develop our roads, schools, ensure every resident has electricity and promote self-growth including decent housing.

We must move together as one people united. We must embrace unity and oneness!



IN CONCLUSION, My dream for a better Buuri is summarized as follows;

  • Agriculture and Value Addition.
  • Better Education.
  • Health
  • Progressive youth and women empowerment.
  • Water and Infrastructural Development.



May God Almighty bless Buuri!


Alex Guantai Mbaabu

Aspiring MP, Buuri Constituency


Facebook; Guantai Guantai

Twitter; @10guantai

Instagram; guantaiguantai