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Tracy Reiner Biography

Tracy Reiner is a well-known American actress. Her film credits include When Harry Met Sally, Masque of the Red Death, A League of Their Own, and Apollo 13. Her film debut was in 1984 with ‘The Flamingo Kid,’ directed by her uncle, Garry Marshall. She then appeared in her stepfather Rob Reiner’s film ‘The Sure Thing.’


How old is Tracy Reiner?- Age

She is 58 years old as of July 2022. Reiner was born  Tracy Henry on July 7, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America.

Tracy Reiner Famil- Parents- Penny Marshall

Reiner was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on July 7, 1964, to Penny Marshall, a well-known filmmaker, and Michael Henry. Tracy lived in New Mexico with her maternal grandparents.

Tracy Reiner Husband- Children

Tracy Reiner is married to Matthew Theodore Conlan, and they have five children.
Tracy Reiner Photo
Tracy Reiner Photo

Tracy Reiner Career

Tracy made her film debut in 1984 with ‘The Flamingo Kid,’ directed by her paternal uncle Garry Marshall. She was cast in the minor role of ‘Polly,’ which went unnoticed. She appeared in films such as ‘The Sure Thing,’ ‘Nothing in Common,’ ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash,’ and ‘Big’ over the next few years. However, she was mostly seen reading and studying philosophy, and she did not appear to be giving her acting career enough attention. She appeared in the cult classic ‘Die Hard,’ starring Bruce Willis, in 1988. Despite the fact that her roles were too minor to be noticed, she was gaining attention. Being a member of one of the most talented and well-known Hollywood families.

By the late 1980s, she had advanced her acting career with roles in films such as ‘When Harry Met Sally…,’ ‘Masque of the Red Death,’ and ‘New Year’s Day.’ Her performance in the comedy drama ‘A League of Their Own’ received widespread acclaim. She was asked to reprise her role from ‘A League of Their Own’ in the ‘CBS’ sitcom of the same name in 1993. Tracy co-starred in the lead role with Megan Cavanagh. The show aired for five episodes before being canceled due to low ratings. This was, however, one of her few leading roles in her career. She had a major role in the science-fiction film ‘Apollo 13,’ starring Tom Hanks, in 1995.

Her on-screen comeback came in the 2010 film ‘Valentine’s Day,’ directed by her uncle Garry Marshall. She portrayed a French photographer in the romantic comedy. The film received negative reviews but was a box office success. She took a five-year break from acting after the success of ‘Valentine’s Day,’ before making her comeback with the 2015 independent film ‘Chloe and Theo.’ She starred as a homeless woman in the drama film. She will be seen as ‘Mayo Methot’ in another independent drama, ‘Bogie and Bacall,’ a period piece set in Hollywood’s golden era. Tracy works as a writer and producer in addition to playing minor roles in various major productions. She has also worked as a development executive for a number of organizations.

Tracy Reiner’s Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of 4 million dollars.

Tracy Reiner Movies

  • 2015 Chloe and Theo
  • 2010 Valentine’s Day
  • 2006 Stay Awake
  • 2006 State’s Evidence
  • 2004 Raising Helen
  • 2004 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
  • 2003 Saved by the Rules
  • 2001 The New Woman
  • 2001 The Princess Diaries
  • 2001 Riding in Cars with Boys
  • 2000 Straight Right
  • 1999 The Other Sister
  • 1998 With Friends Like These…
  • 1996 That Thing You Do!
  • 1996 Frame by Frame
  • 1995 Apollo 13
  • 1992 A League of Their Own
  • 1991 Frankie and Johnny
  • 1991 Ted & Venus
  • 1990 Pretty Woman