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Riki Lindhome Biography

Riki Lindhome is an actress, comedian, singer, songwriter, and musician from the United States of America best known for her roles in television shows such as Garfunkel and Oates, Gilmore Girls, House, The Big Bang Theory, and United States of Tara, as well as her comedy music duo with Kate Micucci, Garfunkel, and Oates. Making It, a Nerdist podcast was also hosted by her. She co-starred in the Comedy Central series Another Period with Natasha Leggero.


How old is Riki Lindhome? – Age

She is 42 years old as of 5 March 2021. She was born in 1979 in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, United States. Her real name is Erika “Riki” Lindhome.

Riki Lindhome Family

She is the daughter of Rick Lindhome and Cheryl Lindhome. She has a brother named Tim Lindhome. She is primarily of Swedish ancestry and was raised up in Portville, New York.

Who is Riki Lindhome Married to? – Husband

She has not revealed her marriage status making it difficult to know whether she is married, single, engaged, or divorced.

Riki Lindhome Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $400.

Riki Lindhome Garfunkel and Oates

She was cast as Riki “Garfunkel” Lindhome in the American comedy television series Garfunkel and Oates. The show follows the personal and professional lives of Riki “Garfunkel” Lindholme and Kate “Oates” Micucci, a comedy folk duo attempting to make it big in Hollywood one satirical song at a time.

Riki Lindhome Photo
Riki Lindhome Photo

Riki Lindhome Another Period

She appeared as Beatrice Bellacourt, the youngest daughter in the American period sitcom Another Period.


She is Frederick’s twin, with whom she has an incestuous relationship. Beatrice is portrayed as the “ideal woman” of the early twentieth century. She is a talented singer who is tall, wealthy, and slender. She has no interest in politics and no opinions of her own. She also demonstrates extreme selfishness and sociopathic tendencies, attempting to murder people without regard for their feelings. She has several children, one of whom she refers to as “The Little Asshole.” Beatrice has lost romantic interest in Frederick since he sent her to a nunnery in the second-season finale.

Riki Lindhome Buffy the Vampire Slayer

She appeared as Cheryl was a student at the second Sunnydale High in the American supernatural drama television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Buffy Summers is the “Slayer,” one of many young women chosen by fate to battle evil forces. Giles, who is rarely referred to by his first name, is a Watchers’ Council member whose job it is to train and guide the Slayers. Season five introduces Buffy’s mother Joyce and younger sister Dawn. Throughout the first three seasons, Angel is Buffy’s love interest. Through his relationship with Willow, Daniel “Oz” Osbourne joins the group.

Jenny Calendar, Sunnydale’s computer science teacher, later falls in love with Giles. After losing her powers, Anya, a former vengeance demon, becomes Xander’s lover. Spike, a vampire, is Angelus’s old companion and one of Buffy’s major enemies in the early seasons. During season four, Tara Maclay is a member of Willow’s Wicca group.

Riki Lindhome House

She played the role of Sarah Luzinski, the distraught mother of the lost baby in the American medical drama television series House.


Donald Luzinski is Sarah’s husband. Riki Lindhome played her in the film. Sarah is exhausted after giving birth and sleeps while her husband runs a quick errand. When he returns, however, the baby is gone, and Sarah has no idea what happened to it. Sarah becomes concerned and wants to assist in the search for the baby. However, if she gets out of bed, she risks bleeding, and Cuddy must persuade her to let them do the work while she rests.

Riki Lindhome Movies

♦ 2020 – The Wolf of Snow Hollow
♦ 2019 – Knives Out
♦ 2018 – Under the Silver Lake
♦ 2017 – The Lego Batman Movie
♦ 2017 – The Lego Batman Movie
♦ 2017 – Movie Sound Effects: How Do They Do That?
♦ 2016 – Nerdland
♦ 2015 – The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
♦ 2014 – Search Party
♦ 2013 – Hell Baby
♦ 2012 – Much Ado About Nothing
♦ 2012 – Fun Size
♦ 2011 – A Good Funeral

Riki Lindhome TV Shows

♦ 2021 – DuckTales
♦ 2020–present – Duncanville
♦ 2020 – The Neighborhood
♦ 2020 – Big City Greens
♦ 2020 – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
♦ 2019 – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
♦ 2018 – Modern Family
♦ 2018 – Take My Wife
♦ 2018 – Big Hero 6: The Series
♦ 2018 – Kidding
♦ 2017 – Difficult People
♦ 2016 – House of Lies
♦ 2016 – Ask the StoryBots
♦ 2015–2018 – Another Period
♦ 2015 – The Muppets