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Peter Firth actor,

Peter Firth Biography

Peter Firth born in England as Peter Macintosh Firth is an actor who is widely known for his appearance in every episode of the show’s ten-series lifespan and in Equus.


How old is Peter Firth?-Age

The English entertainer is 67 years old as of 27 June 2020. He was born in 1953 in Bradford, United Kingdom.

Peter Firth Parents-Family

He is the son of entrepreneurs and pub owners Eric Macintosh Firth and Mavis Firth. His siblings have not been mentioned anywhere.

Peter Firth actor
Peter Firth actor

Peter Firth Wife

He has been married three times. He is currently married to Alexandra Pigg. The couple met in 2010 and married in December 2017. They played a couple in Letter to Brezhnev before their marriage.

How much money is Colin Firth worth? Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of  $19 Million as of 2020. He has made his fortune from his career as an actor.

Peter Firth Career

By the middle of 1969, Firth was a famous child actor. He appeared in The Flaxton Boys’ first series as Archie Weekes. He also starred in 1972, playing David Abbott, in the BBC TV series The Adventures of Black Beauty, episode “The Runaway” In 1973, he appeared opposite Patrick Mower as a drug dealer in an episode of The Protectors.

Firth’s first major role as an adult was the title part in a BBC Television Play of the Month adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray in 1976. The same year saw the release of Aces High, the World War I film that starred Firth as Lt. Stephen Croft, the novice RFC pilot. In 1977, Firth played the lead role in the film adaptation of Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding.

Other film work includes include; In Lifeforce, Letter to Brezhnev, Northanger Abbey, White Angel, Diamonds on Wheels, Pearl Harbor, and The Greatest Game Ever. Firth’s notable credits in numerous high-profile dramas continued to star in television productions. He had played a primary role in the BBC’s iconic spy drama series Spooks for several years as senior MI5 officer Harry Pearce. Firth played in Undeniable, a two-part series for the ITV network, in 2014. On 17 July 2009, he was given an honorary degree by the University of Bradford as a Doctor of Letters for his acting services, having been recommended by the School of Computing, Informatics & Media; during the degree ceremony, he earned his certificate.

Peter Firth Victoria

He appeared in the role of King Ernest Augustus in Victoria, a British historical television drama series.

Peter Firth Spooks: The Greater Good

He appeared in the role of Harry Pearce, Head of Counter-terrorism at MI5 in the 2015 British spy film Spooks: The Greater Good. When the convoy is assaulted, Harry’s squad transports terrorist Adem Qasim through London. By jumping off Lambeth Bridge into the Thames, Harry fakes suicide. Will Holloway is picked up by MI5 operative Hannah Santo in Moscow and carried to London.

Harry expresses his suspicions of a traitor to MI5, calling for help from Will. Will refuses to trust Harry, however, without notifying MI5, begins researching the hypothesis. They find incriminating evidence, but Vass arrives home, and in a fight, June kills him. They capture June, who has unknowingly followed the orders of the traitor. Qasim gave Harry the location of his terrorist cell, enabling the pending attack to be neutralized by MI5.

While Harry is being interrogated by Mace, Emerson, and Maltby, Qasim bursts into the room with armed men, killing several staff members. It was the only way to stop the attack and kill a traitor, Harry explains, and that the deaths of some MI5 agents were preferable to the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

Peter Firth Books

♦ 2001; Mathematics One (Multiple Choice)
♦ 2001; Southern Water’s Bewl Water: Guide for Bank and Boat Anglers
♦ 1988; Anti Drink Organisations and the Working Class in North East Lancashire 1890-1914
♦ 1996; The Love that Moves the Sun: Searching for God
♦ 1995; Key Series Mathematics One: National Curriculum Practice Tests
♦ 1993; 11+ Mathematics
♦ 1978; Lord of the Seasons
♦ 1978; Basic Steps in Photography

Peter Firth Movies and TV Shows

♦ 2018 Strike Back
♦ 2016 Risen
♦ 2016 Victoria
♦ 2015 Spooks: The Greater Good
♦ 2015 – 2016 Dickensian
♦ 2014 Undeniable
♦ 2013 Mayday
♦ 2010 World Without End
♦ 2006 Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire
♦ 2005 The Greatest Game Ever Played
♦ 2005 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
♦ 2002 – 2011 Spooks
♦ 2001 Pearl Harbor
♦ 2000 The Magicians
♦ 1999 Chill Factor
♦ 1998 Mighty Joe Young
♦ 1997 The Garden of Redemption
♦ 1997 Marco Polo: The Missing Chapter
♦ 1997 Gaston’s War
♦ 1997 Amistad
♦ 1996 Merisairas
♦ 1995 An Awfully Big Adventure
♦ 1994 White Angel
♦ 1993 El marido perfecto
♦ 1993 Shadowlands
♦ 1992 The Pleasure Principle
♦ 1991 Prisoner of Honor