Lilypichu Bio, Age, Hobby, In You Tube and Twitch Tv, Spouse, Net worth

Lilypichu Biography

Lilypichu is a Korean-American Twitch streamer, Professional Gamer, You Tuber, and Internet personality from the United States. Her real professional name is “Lily Ki”. She has her social media accounts on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, and Tumblr. Ki began her own self-titled You Tube channel on March 8, 2006. She is a huge lover of Anime videos and games.


How old is Lilypichu? – Age

The Twitch streamer is 29 years old as of 20th November year 2020. She was born in 1991 in the United States of America.

Lilypichu Family

Ki was born in the United States of America and was raised along by her dad and mother, who are Korean. She took piano lessons from her childhood. Her father also supports her in every move of her life. She involved in music at the age of 5 which was very interesting. Lily’s brother name is Daniel. However her grandmother died in a road accident in 2016. She is of Korean race group.

What does Lilypichu love to do? – hobby

The Korean-American Twitch during her own free time she loves to travel. She also loves a lot playing around with her dog. Its a lot of fun doing that when free. She also loves singing too.

Lilypichu in Anime and Video games

Ki when she was at young age her parents enrolled her in a piano class. She later found a way to merge her love for anime and her piano skills. She started playing anime tunes on the piano, and she became very good at it. At around the same time, her love for video games intensified.

Ki spent a lot of time indoors playing video games and sharpening her piano skills since she had no friends and was bullied in school. However, anime and video games provided relief for lily, and that all mattered to her. Lily never knew later her love for anime and video games would later make her famous.

Is Lilypichu in a relationship? – Spouse

Yes, Ki is in love with her boyfriend Alberta Chang, You Tuber. He is also a Freelancer video editor in the film production department of the Greater LA area. He edits some promotional music videos. The duo meets each other through social media. They have been seen spending time together in Taiwan on February 15, 2018.

Sadly, Alberta and Lilypichu broke up on November after viewers began to speculate that something was going on between Albert and Twitch streamer Sarah Lee. Ki was really broken with the news but her boyfriend later apologized same as to Sarah Lee.

Lilypichu massive You Tube and Twitch Tv

Ki started her You Tube journey in 2006 by creating her first channel. She then waited for four years before uploading her first video. The video was a short skit featuring League of Legends characters, Rammus and Annie.

Her videos attracted a lot of anime and video game fans, and her following grew massively over a short period. She later posted many gameplay videos, and she also showed viewers her singing prowess. She made parody songs, cover songs, and she also came up with compositions of her own.

Lily’s You Tube channel currently has 1.7 million followers, and they continue to grow every day. Lily started posting on Twitch TV relatively early on in her internet career. She mainly uses her Twitch account to upload gaming content. She is famous for being skilled in League-of Legends and Madoka.

The twitch Streamer is also a member of an online social entertainment group known as offline TV. The group cerates a wide range of online content.

Lilypichu Net worth

The twitch streamer has an estimated net worth of $1 million US Dollars as of 2020.

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