Guantai Guantai Biography, Age, Education, Reflections And Interview

Reflections of Kenya’s Google’s Content creator Guru.

When Nelson Mandela opined that the pen is mightier than the barrel and bullet, he was right. But when someone knows how and when to use the pen, they become invincible. When Guantai first saw the gates of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, he never imagined he would become a pro in Search Engine Optimization- a course he never studied.


Starting his career at InformationCradle, Guantai was clueless about what content creation looked like. He was setting foot, for the first time, in a field he never even knew existed. Today, he is one of the best SEO technicians creating work for Google. Before we look at his reflections on the CoronaVirus pandemic and what he is doing during quarantine, lets have a look at his biography.

Guantai Guantai Photo
Guantai Guantai Photo

Guantai Guantai Biography

Guantai is a Kenyan content creator, born in Kiirua, Buuri Constituency, Meru, Kenya. He is greatly known for his sharp criticsm about Uhuru’s administration.

Guantai Guantai Age

Guantai’s age currently remains unknown. However following his reent developments, it would just be safe to assume that he is somewhere around 24 or 25. We will update you immediately we get more accurate information.

Guantai Guantai Eduation

Guantai’s education journey, started at Rugetene Primary school in Buuri constituency. Later on, he attended Maitei Academy where he studied from Nursery to standard four. He was later on transferred to Winners Academy, for boarding. He attended Nkubu High school for his secondary studies. He is an alumni of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology.

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