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Garth Mullins Biography

Garth Mullins is a Canadian radio producer, campaigner, methadone user, and musician currently hosting the Crackdown podcast and a board member for the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users.


How old is Garth Mullins? – Age

He was born in the 1970s. His age is unknown.

Garth Mullins Family – Education

Mullins grew up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, during the 1970s. He was bullied at school for his albinism. He worked in banking and construction while in high school, and then in a mine in the Northwest Territories afterward. Being blind made it difficult to find work, so he returned to the University of Victoria to study.

Garth Mullins Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Garth Mullins Photo
Garth Mullins Photo

Garth Mullin Crackdown

He is the host of the Crackdown digital broadcast and a board individual from Vancouver Region Organization of Medication Clients. His webcast won The Canadian Hillman Prize in 2020. Crackdown is a Canadian month to month webcast first sent off in 2019.

The podcast was established and hosted by drug users, and it examines Canadian and global drug policy through the eyes of drug user activists who are most affected by these laws and work to change them. The show is hosted by journalist Garth Mullins, who discusses his own prior drug addiction. The podcast received the Third Coast International Audio Festival’s Impact award in 2019 and the Sidney Hillman Foundation’s Canadian Hillman Prize in 2020.

Garth Career

Mullins has been hosting the monthly Crackdown podcast since 2019. His team won the Canadian Hillman Prize in 2020. Mullins, a previous intravenous heroin addict, now uses methadone. He discusses his own drug use on the Crackdown podcast, trying to improve public education. He sits on the board of directors for the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users.

Mullins describes how the drug war continues to effect individuals today. He advocates for the legalization of street drugs and has spoken out against the proposed expansion of Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying legislation to cover individuals with disabilities. Mullins is a musician with the band Legally Blind.