Enrique Murciano Bio, Age, Family, Relationship, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows

Enrique Murciano Biography

Enrique Murciano is an actor from the United States known for his role in the CBS mystery drama series Without a Trace from 2002 to 2009.


How old is Enrique Murciano? – Age

He is 48 years old as of 9 July 2021. He was born in 1973 in Miami, Florida, United States. His real name is Enrique Ricardo Murciano.

Enrique Murciano Family – Education

He is of Cuban descent born to Christina Murciano and Enrique Murciano Sr. Murciano studied at Tulane University after graduating from New Orleans, Louisiana’s Christopher Columbus High School. He initially spent some time studying law at the New England School of Law in Boston before deciding to leave to pursue a career in acting. He relocated to Los Angeles, where he started his career. Sandra Bullock’s action movie Speed 2: Cruise Control marked his feature film debut.

Who dated Enrique Murciano? – Relationship

Murciano doesn’t currently have a spouse. He is not currently dating anyone or engaged. German model Toni Garrn, with whom he had a connection, is mentioned. The couple, who had been dating for around a year, separated in early 2019.

Enrique Murciano Tell Me Your Secrets

He appeared as Peter Guillory in thriller drama tethe levision series Tell Me Your Secrets. Next is Tell Me Your Secrets “a trio of individuals, each with a shadowy and problematic past: Mary, a heartbroken mother who is fixated on finding her missing daughter; John, a former serial rapist who is seeking forgiveness; and Emma, a lady who once stared into the eyes of a lethal killer. The truth about each of them becomes increasingly hazy as they are each pushed to the limit, making it difficult to distinguish between the offender and victim.”

Enrique Murciano Panic

He appeared as Sheriff James Cortez, the local sheriff, whose son died in the previous year’s Panic in the teen drama streaming television series Panic.23 alumni take part in the yearly Panic tournament the summer after their graduation year. They will be able to leave their little Texas town of Carp if they win Panic and receive a monetary prize of $50,000. They must choose the dangers they are willing to accept in order to leave their hometown after the regulations are changed, though.

Enrique Murciano Photo
Enrique Murciano Photo

Enrique Murciano Bloodline

He appeared as Marco Diaz on Bloodline. A nearby fisherman reported a possible crime scene, which John and Marco look into. Alec, a coworker of Meg’s, and Alec cheat on Marco. Danny finds a key card for the Sunset Palms motel while searching Meg’s purse. He confronts Meg about the card later and tries to extort money from her. The girl might be a victim of an illegal immigration racket, according to John and Marco.

Enrique Murciano Power

He appeared as Felipe Lobos, a major Mexican drug trafficker on Power. He serves as one of the main antagonists of Power and a posthumous opponent in Power Book II: Ghost. He is a significant nemesis in the Power universe. He is the Lobos Cartel’s boss. He served as Ghost’s primary supplier and former boss. One of the key adversaries in seasons 2 and 3 as well as the season 1 main antagonist was Lobos. He serves as the fourth season’s main antagonist posthumously. Additionally, he served as the second season’s main enemy after his death in Power Book II: Ghost.

Enrique Murciano NCIS

He played Ray Cruz, a character who appeared frequently in the NCIS series. Murciano guest-starred in the episodes Two-Faced from Season 8, Pyramid from Season 8, and A Desperate Man from Season 9. Ziva David’s ex-boyfriend and current CIA agent, Ray Cruz, is a former NCIS Special Agent.

Enrique Murciano Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Enrique Murciano Movies

♦ 2022 Father of the Bride
♦ 2020 The Half of It
♦ 2017 Rough Night
♦ 2017 Bright
♦ 2016 Collateral Beauty
♦ 2014 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
♦ 2013 Water & Power
♦ 2009 How to Go Out on a Date in Queens
♦ 2008 Máncora Iñigo
♦ 2005 Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
♦ 2005 The Lost City
♦ 2003 Cafe and Tobacco

Enrique Murciano TV Shows

♦ 2021 Tell Me Your Secrets
♦ 2021 Panic
♦ 2020 Briarpatch
♦ 2017 The Blacklist
♦ 2017 The Saint Inspector John Henry Fernack
♦ 2016–2017 Hap and Leonard
♦ 2015–2017 Bloodline
♦ 2014–2016 Powers
♦ 2012 666 Park Avenue
♦ 2011–2012 NCIS
♦ 2011 Medium
♦ 2010 Marry Me