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Drew Pritchard, Antiques Dealer

Drew Pritchard Biography

Drew Pritchard is an Welsh architectural antiques dealer and TV star from the UK who deals with salvage hunting and antique restoration. He is the presenter of the show Salvage Hunters on Quest TV that is watched widely around the world in 32 countries. Mr. Pritchard is a trained stained glass restorer and designer, a passion and career he had been pursuing before becoming an independent antique dealer in 1993. Since then, he has bought and continues to buy antiques that he likes while focusing on good design, originality and untouched pieces, wherever possible.

How old is Drew Pritchard from Salvage Hunters? – Age

The Welsh TV star is 50 years old as of June 2020. He was born in 1970 in Conwy, Wales.

Drew Pritchard Vintage and Antique Shop

He categorically states that he only buys from the 17th to 21st century. He has a vintage shop with the same name as himself, Drew Pritchard, and based in Conwy, North Wales. When Mr. Pritchard buys pieces, he and his team of renovators then restore and renovates the pieces and puts them up for sale at his warehouse. He began restoring items from a young age, around the age of 15 and has steadily built a name for himself in the field and he is driven by passion and a fascination with mixing items from different time periods.


Who is Drew Pritchard’s Wife? – Are Drew and Rebecca Pritchard still married?

Mr. Pritchard is not married. However, he was married to his co-star on Salvage Hunters, Rebecca Pritchard, till their divorce in 2017. They are still friendly to each other and also continue to work together. Her role in the business is to analyze antiques’ history and provenance in order to determine the restoration work needed, costs as well as profits.

Salvage Hunter, Drew Pritchard with his ex-wife Rebecca Pritchard
Salvage Hunter, Drew Pritchard with his ex-wife Rebecca Pritchard

Drew Pritchard Salvage Hunters TV Show | DP Classics | Antiques Shop

Professionally, Drew began collecting antiques in 1993. This slowly developed a passion for restoring stained glass, being a conservator and designer. Stemming from his father’s passion and career in restoring motorcycles and cars, Drew also loves driving as well as restoring them too. As a result, he acquired an international race license saying that he could picture himself as a race driver if he was not into antique dealing.

In 1987, he created the DP Classics, a business he runs alongside Clive Holland. Through DP Classics, Drew is able to spot amazing motorbikes and/or cars, restoring and in-turn selling them. It has been such a successful business that the magazine Octane featured Drew with his 1958 car.

Some of Drew’s well known work pieces include his restoration of some William Morris stained glass windows which he purchased worked on and sold making a profit of £108,000. This money was what enabled him to begin his business.

Drew decided to take his work on television with his show “Salvage Hunters,” premiering in 2011. In the show, Drew is followed when he goes to purchase various antiques in manors, fairs, shops and other places, as he bargains with the sellers, as he gets back to Conwy with the bought antiques and shows it to his team members and as he restores the antiques. The process of photographing the results, analyzing the deal and determining the profit made after sales is also done on the show.

Speaking on how one can make it in his kind of business, Drew says that one has to be willing to read, visit museums, fairs as well as auctions and be able to speak to people who deal with antiques. They should also bear in mind that just because something is not appealing to the eyes or is falling apart does not mean it has no value. He also believes on saving money during business transactions, no matter the amount, is good for business. He is sure not to develop sentimental attachment with the items he deals with as he knows that he needs to sell them when the right price comes knocking.

The Salvage Hunters show is composed of Drew, his travelling partner and childhood friend Tee as well as his team that include a French polisher, an electrician and a couple of office and shop staff, among them, his ex-wife Rebecca. The show is available to viewers in the UK and abroad spanning for a period of 14 seasons as of 2020. Mr. Pritchard has made trips to such countries as Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Spain, Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland, to buy foreign antiques. Salvage Hunters was also available on Netflix for sometime.

Drew Pritchard Net Worth

Having been in the antiques restoration and re-selling business for long and quite successful at it coupled with the amount of fame that Drew has acquired, the Salvage Hunters host is said to have an estimated net worth of $8 million.