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Antony Starr is a New Zealand actor best known for his television roles in the series Outrageous Fortune, in the Cinemax series Banshee, and in the Prime Video series The Boys and its spin-offs.



He is 48 years old as of 25 October 2023. He was born in 1975 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $2 million.


He plays Lucas Hood on Banshee and joined the starring cast for the first season, returning for the second, third, and fourth seasons. Lucas Hood was meant to be the next sheriff in the little Pennsylvania village of Banshee. However, following his death, an anonymous ex-con and thief adopts his identity and becomes the new sheriff of Banshee. However, the last episode reveals that he was arrested in New York in 1997, with the name John Smith on file.

The first Lucas Hood had recently traveled cross-country from Oregon, so he was unknown to everyone in Banshee when he died. The anonymous ex-con began the ruse as Lucas Hood to remain in Banshee, where his former lover and accomplice Carrie Hopewell is living under a different alias and has since married and raised a family. As the new sheriff, he retains his unconventional and outlaw ideals while being pursued by a shadowy gangster he betrayed years before, who also happens to be the father of his paramour.

Outrageous Fortune

He appeared as twins Van and Jethro West on Outrageous Fortune. Jethro West is Cheryl and Wolf West’s oldest son, Van’s twin brother, and the older brother of Pascalle and Loretta. Jethro is the cleverer and more cunning of the twins, as he is the only one in the family who has completed an education and passed the bar.

Jethro, the lone successful West, is the family’s first university graduate. He had an affair with his teacher at 15 and has only one job since he misled his employers about his Māori origin. Loretta West has been blackmailing Caroline and Jethro about their relationship. Jethro makes a presentation on Māori authorities but discovers it missing.

Actor Antony Starr Photo
Actor Antony Starr Photo

He employs Van and Munter to retrieve it. Jethro has sex with Tracy Hong and begins an affair. He discovers Judd framed Wolf and orders his home confinement. Van West is Cheryl and Wolf West’s son, Jethro’s twin brother, and the older brother of Pascalle and Loretta.

Van, a slightly foolish young offender, burglarizes the home of an Asian businessman and is wanted by the police. Cheryl, Jethro’s mother, arranges for Van to work at the Hongs’ household. Van gets attracted by Suzy Hong, unknowing that she is Mr. Hong’s wife. Van embarks on a crime spree to raise funds for Wolf’s appeal, but Jethro stops him. Van is recruited at The Lucky Dollar Store and begins dating Draska, who comes from a Tongan family. They are kicked out of both the West House and the Doslic House, and Draska hires out a questionable flat. Loretta steals the money, and Draska recommends they get married. Van unknowingly agrees, but Wolf arrives and informs Draska that he does not support the wedding.

Tricky Business

He appeared as Matt Sloane in the Australian television drama series Tricky Business. This drama series centers on a family that owns a debt collection company. Jim and Claire retire as debt collectors, leaving their firm in the hands of their eldest daughter Kate, who also operates it with her partner Rick, younger sister Lily, and family friend Chad. Kate receives an unexpected proposal from Rick, prompting her to say no and quickly become involved in a new affair with rival debt collector Matt.

The Boys

He portrays Homelander in The Boys, The Boys Presents: Diabolical, and Gen V. Homelander is the fundamental bad guy of the Amazon series The Young men, filling in as the primary bad guy of Season 1, one of the two principal bad guys of Seasons 2 and 3 (close by Stormfront in the previous and Fighter Kid in the last option), a repetitive bad guy of its side project series The Young men Presents: Malevolent and one of the two overall adversaries (close by Victoria Neuman) of the side project series Gen V.

Homelander is Billy Butcher’s archenemy, the head of The Seven, and the strongest Supe in existence. Homelander, who has the appearance of a movie star and the strength of a deity, is regarded as the greatest superhero currently living. Not only can he fly, but he also has extraordinary strength and durability much above that of other superheroes, as well as super senses (seeing, hearing, etc.), X-ray vision, and laser vision.

On the surface, he appears friendly, modest, and sincere; the ideal boy scout, an American treasure, and a God-fearing patriot. But, like all mortals, superheroes have secrets.


♦ 2004 – In My Father’s Den
♦ 2004 – Without a Paddle
♦ 2005 – The World’s Fastest Indian
♦ 2006 – No. 2
♦ 2010 – After the Waterfall
♦ 2012 – Wish You Were Here
♦ 2019 – American Sausage Standoff
♦ 2023 – The Covenant
♦ 2023 – Cobweb

TV Shows

♦ 2000–2002 – Shortland Street
♦ 2000 – Street Legal
♦ 2001–2003 – Mercy Peak
♦ 2003 – Terror Peak
♦ 2003 – Hard Out
♦ 2003 – Skin & Bone
♦ 2004 – Serial Killers
♦ 2004 – Not Only But Always
♦ 2005–2010 – Outrageous Fortune
♦ 2008 – The Jaquie Brown Diaries
♦ 2010 – Spies and Lies
♦ 2011 – Rush
♦ 2011 – Bliss – Tom Mills
♦ 2012 – Tricky Business
♦ 2012 – Lowdown
♦ 2013–2016 – Banshee
♦ 2013–2014 – Banshee Origins
♦ 2016 – American Gothic
♦ 2019–present – The Boys
♦ 2020 – Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun
♦ 2022 – The Boys Presents: Diabolical
♦ 2023 – Gen V