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Nima Elbagir the journalist

Nima Elbagir Biography

Nima Elbagir is an award-winning journalist from Sudan, working as a senior international correspondent for CNN based in London. She started working at CNN in February 2011 as a Johannesburg-based correspondent before moving to the network’s Nairobi bureau and later London.


How old is Nima Elbagir? – Age

The CNN correspondent is 43 years old as of July 2021. She was born in 1978 in Sudan.

Nima Elbagir Family – Parents

She was born to Ahmed Abdullah Elbagir and Ibtisam Affan. Her father served as a journalist and had been jailed before her birth, her mother was the first publisher in Sudan. Elbagir is of the origin of Northern Sudan. She moved to the United Kingdom at the age of three, then moved to Sudan when she was eight years old. She returned to the United Kingdom after six years in Sudan.

Who is Nima Elbagir Husband? – Marriage and Baby

Nima is a married woman. She together with her husband (her husband’s identity is not revealed) has a son.

Nima Elbagir the journalist
Nima Elbagir the journalist

Nima Elbagir CNN

Elbagir got Alfred I in 2019. DuPont-Columbia University Award in the Investigation field for research on human rights violations. She flew to Yemen to begin her ‘Made in America’ inquiry into the use and movement of American-made weapons from the Saudi-led alliance to Al-Qaeda-linked groups. Elbagir investigated the use of child labor in cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, following which the maker of Mercedes-Benz—Daimler—announced an investigation of the whole supply chain.

She also wrote from Sudan about the case of Noura, a Sudanese girl who was sentenced to death after being raped by her rapist husband. She was awarded the Courage in Journalism Award 2018 for her coverage of conflict in Yemen. The report was instrumental in passing extraordinary U.S. law enforcement measures against six men known as U.N. smugglers. The Libya Sanctions Committee will be in June 2018.

The case was followed by a worldwide uproar that ignited the 2018 George Polk Award for International Television. The award is presented to the person covering the most violent violence in the press. Elbagir has been named RTS 2016 Specialist Journalist of the Year. She prosecuted violence against women and girls, including the trafficking of displaced Nigerian children to Boko Haram. She was the first foreign journalist to write from Chibok, the northern Nigerian village from which more than 250 schoolgirls were abducted by the militant organization Boko Haram in 2014. At considerable personal danger, Elbagir wrote on the Ebola epidemic that destroyed West Africa in 2014, joining Liberia’s quarantine zones and investigating the damage caused by the disease across both urban and rural populations.

She also led CNN’s coverage of the spiraling conflict that ravaged the Central African Republic, riding with the French troops as they tried to negotiate reconciliation between entrenched Muslim and Christian combatants. She reported from Somalia at the height of the drought in the Horn of Africa and was given an exclusive telephone interview with Safia Gadhafi, the former Libyan leader’s wife.

Nima Elbagir Net Worth

She has made a great fortune from her career as a journalist. Her net worth is not recorded for she has not revealed her wealth.