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Matt Ross the actor, director, screenwriter, producer,editor, and cinematographer

Matt Ross Biography

Matt Ross was born in the United States as Matthew Brandon Ross is an actor, director, screenwriter, producer, editor, and cinematographer who is widely known fr appearing in the HBO series Silicon Valley, in The Aviator, and in American Psycho. His other notable roles include; in Good Night, and Good Luck and in the first and fifth seasons of FX’s anthology series American Horror Story. He has also written many films like The Language of Love, Captain Fantastic, and 28 Hotel Rooms.


How old is Matt Ross? -Age

The American social media influencer is 50 years old as of January 3, 2020. He was born in 1970 in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States.

Who is Matt Ross Married to? – Wife

Ross and his wife writer Phyllis Grant, who he met at the Juilliard School in New York City have two children; Isabel Bella Ross and Dashiell Dash Ross.

Matt Ross the actor, director, screenwriter, producer,editor, and cinematographer
Matt Ross the actor, director, screenwriter, producer,editor, and cinematographer

Matt Ross Net Worth

Ross has an estimated net worth of $6 Million, which he has made from his work as an actor, director, screenwriter, producer, editor, and cinematographer.

Matt Ross Silicon Valley

Ross appeared in the American comedy television series Silicon Valley as Gavin Belson, the CEO, and founder of Hooli and the series’ main antagonist.


Gavin Belson was Hooli’s Chief Innovation Officer, a big software firm in Silicon Valley that appears to have its hands on all but specifically on the targeted search and cross-platform verticals. He has a long-standing rivalry with Peter Gregory, fueling his ambition to buy Richard’s algorithm. For Gavin, bigger is better—and there’s no object to money.

Matt Ross The Aviator

He was cast as Glenn “Odie” Odekirk in the 2004 epic biographical drama film The Aviator.


After successfully flying the plane, Hughes talks to Dietrich and his engineer Glenn Odekirk about a potential TWA jetliner. However, he starts hallucinating men in germ-resistant masks and experiences a panic attack. As Odekirk hides him in the bathroom as Dietrich picks up a doctor, Hughes starts to have memories of his youth, his love of aviation, and his passion for success, insistently repeating the word, ‘the way of the future.’

Matt Ross American Horror Story

He appeared as Charles Montgomery, the famed “surgeon to the stars” who built and was the original owner of the Murder House in the American anthology horror television series American Horror Story.


Charles Montgomery, a famous physician, designed the Murder House in 1922 for his partner, Nora Montgomery. He is identified as having formed a grotesque “Frankenstein Complex” in which he stitched together the various body parts of the animals. Charles’ wife Nora was upset with her husband’s failure to pay bills, and by being less focused on jobs, so she took matters into her own hands. Nora came up with a scheme for Charles to arrange illegal abortions in the basement of the building. It was he who slit the body of Elizabeth Short in half in 1947 and emptied her innards.

Matt Ross Big Love

He was cast as Alby Grant, a Roman Grant’s closeted gay son and the heir-apparent ‘Prophet’ of Juniper Creek in the American television drama series Big Love.


Alby Grant is a hard-line member of the United Effort Brotherhood polygamist group. He is one of the many sons of Roman Grant Alby has a pale, smooth face, sleek brown hair, and cold brown eyes. In the second season, Alby’s sealed homosexuality is pointed to again by checking out the bodies of other men and remarks made by his sister NickiThe character was first introduced in the pilot episode of the show.

Matt Ross Movies

♦ 2007 – Turn the River
♦ 2006 – Last Holiday
♦ 2005 – Good Night, and Good Luck
♦ 2004 – The Aviator
♦ 2003 – Down with Love
♦ 2001 – Just Visiting
♦ 2001 – Dust
♦ 2000 – American Psycho
♦ 2000 – Company Man
♦ 1999 – Pushing Tin
♦ 1998 – You Are Here

Matt Ross TV Shows

♦ 2015 – American Horror Story: Hotel
♦ 2014–2019 – Silicon Valley
♦ 2013 – Revolution
♦ 2013 – Ring of Fire
♦ 2012–13 – Magic City
♦ 2011 – American Horror Story: Murder House
♦ 2010 – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
♦ 2006 – CSI: Miami
♦ 2006 – Invasion
♦ 2006–11 – Big Love
♦ 2006 – Numb3rs Joel Hellman
♦ 2005 – Bones
♦ 2003 – Touched by an Angel
♦ 2003 – Six Feet Under
♦ 2003 – Just Shoot Me