Mark Sheppard Bio, Age, Husband, Height, Illness, Heart Attack, TV Shows


Mark Sheppard musician and actor from America who in addition to his recurrent performances as lawyer Romo Lampkin on the Battlestar Galactica revival, Interpol investigator James Sterling on Leverage, and small-time criminal lord Badger on Joss Whedon’s Firefly, is best recognized for his portrayal of the demon/King of Hell Crowley on Supernatural. In Doom Patrol, he also portrays Willoughby Kipling.

How old is Sheppard? Age

Born Mark Andreas Sheppard, the actor is 60 years old as of 30 May 2024. He was born in 1964 in London, United Kingdom.

Actor Sheppard Family – Education

The son of actor W. Morgan Sheppard and Regina Lisa (née Scherer) Sheppard, Sheppard was born in London, England. He is German and Irish by birth.

Is Sheppard still married?

Sheppard wed Australian heiress Sarah Louise Fudge on November 9, 2015.

How did Mark Sheppard meet his wife?

Regarding his private life, Mark is wed to Sarah Louise Fudge at the moment. He had previously been wed to Jessica. On March 6, 2004, Mark and Jessica got married. Following the birth of their two children, Max and William, the couple experienced marital difficulties, leading to their divorce in 2014.

After his divorce, he became romantically involved with Sarah Louise Fudge. Sarah, a mining heiress from Australia whom he met at a convention for the supernatural. Mark proposed to Sarah on August 20, 2015. On September 26, 2015, they declared their first child’s pregnancy. The pair wed in Denver, Colorado on November 9, 2015, subsequent to this announcement. On March 1, 2016, Isabella Rose Sheppard, their daughter, was born.

What is Sheppard recovering from? – Illness – Heart Attack

Sheppard experienced six heart attacks at his Los Angeles residence on December 1, 2023. First responders had to perform resuscitation on him. Physicians found that his left anterior descending artery was completely blocked.

Sheppard Height

Mark stands at a height of 5 feet 8½ inches (1.74 m).

Sheppard Net Worth

Sheppard has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

What happened with Sheppard?

Sheppard turned into a drummer as a youngster, purchasing his most memorable drum unit in 1976, and went through numerous years recording and visiting with specialists including Robyn Hitchcock, the TV Characters, the Finnish musical gang Hanoi Rocks, and the Irish gathering Get a Major Fire going. In 1985, Sheppard played drums on Get a Major Fire going’s subsequent collection, and was with them as the initial represent a few stops on U2’s 1987 The Joshua Tree Visit.

He had moved back from music when his maltreatment of medications and liquor assumed control over his life, and remained away after he recovered restraint and his acting vocation started to prosper. During the 2010s, while showing up in Extraordinary, he would go to fan shows with his cast mates; co-star Burglarize Benedict, whose band played at the shows, persuaded Sheppard to participate in a tune before 3,000 participants, and Sheppard was back. By 2017 he had rejoined Robyn Hitchcock’s band on visit.

Mark Sheppard together with his wife Sarah Louise Fudge
Mark Sheppard together with his wife Sarah Louise Fudge

Sheppard’s TV work incorporates the accompanying: the “Fire” episode of The X-Documents, a year on the Jerry Bruckheimer activity series Fighter of Fortune, visitor featuring and repeating jobs on The Training, The Undetectable Man, Exceptional Unit 2, JAG, Star Journey: Explorer, The Narrative, CSI: Crime location Examination, CSI: NY, Priest, and Las Vegas, among others. He played a devil named Arnon on an episode named “Witches in Leggings” on the television series Enchanted. He played Badger, a semi-hilarious cockney-style kingpin in the brief Joss Whedon show Firefly and later cast again in another Whedon show, Dollhouse as Paul Ballard’s pretentious FBI prevalent.

He showed up as an antagonist in season five of the Fox show 24 and as Patricia Arquette’s resurrected Jack the Ripper-style chronic executioner enemy on Medium. He showed up as Romo Lampkin in seasons three and four of Battlestar Galactica, and played a common part as Steward Neville in ABC Family’s fleeting The Go between. He has been viewed as Anthony Anthros on Bionic Lady, as Authentic the foe character on Influence, and as the Ruler of Misery Crowley on Otherworldly.

He showed up in the pilot episode of Middle class as a detestable expert falsifier and as the Overseer of the Ring criminal association in Toss. He showed up in the SyFy series Distribution center 13 as Official Benedict Valda. He shows up in the 2011 Specialist Who episodes “The Unthinkable Space explorer” and “Day of the Moon” playing the person Canton Everett Delaware III. In October 2013, Sheppard got back to Middle class, repeating his 2009 job as expert counterfeiter Curtis Hagen.


His film credits incorporate the Jim Sheridan film For the sake of the Dad, featuring inverse Daniel Day-Lewis and Emma Thompson as Guildford Four part Patrick Armstrong; the lighthearted comedy Darling’s Bunch; the Russian authentic show Out of the Chilly; the spine chiller Relentless; and with Heather Graham and Jeremy Sisto in obscurity autonomous, Broken. He likewise featured in Megalodon and New Alcatraz. In the film Room 101, and co-featured with him in the spine chiller Underworld, which the more youthful Sheppard additionally co-created. The senior Sheppard played the more established rendition of his child’s personality in the previously mentioned Specialist Who and NCIS episodes.

Mark Movies and TV Credits

Sheppard starred in several films and television shows;

♦ 2013 – Sons of Liberty
♦ 2012 – Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island
♦ 2012 – War of the Worlds: Goliath
♦ 2010 – Xtinction: Predator X
♦ 2006 – Broken
♦ 2004 – Evil Eyes
♦ 2004 – Unstoppable
♦ 2002 – Megalodon
♦ 2001 – Lady in the Box
♦ 2001 – New Alcatraz
♦ 2000 – Farewell, My Love
♦ 1999 – Out of the Cold
♦ 1997 – Nether World

TV Shows

♦ 2022-2023 – Walker: Independence
♦ 2019–2023 – Doom Patrol
♦ 2018 – Mania City
♦ 2017 – MacGyver
♦ 2011 – Doctor Who
♦ 2011 – Prime Suspect
♦ 2010 – Chuck
♦ 2009–2017 – Supernatural
♦ 2009–2014 – White Collar
♦ 2009–2014 – Warehouse 13
♦ 2009 – NCIS
♦ 2009 – Burn Notice
♦ 2009 – Dollhouse
♦ 2009 – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
♦ 2008–2012 – Leverage
♦ 2008 – Shark
♦ 2008 – In Plain Sight
♦ 2008 – The Middleman