Mark Rober Bio, Age, Education, Family, Parents, Children, Wife, Married, Net Worth

Mark Rober Biography

Mark Rober is a YouTuber, engineer, and inventor from the United States. His YouTube videos on popular science and do-it-yourself technologies are well-known. Under his self-titled YouTube channel, Mark Rober, he is known for making Science films, do-it-yourself gadgets, and other intriguing Science-tech stuff.


Mark Rober Age

Rober was born on March 11, 1980, in Orange County, California, the United States of America. He is 42 years old as of March 2022.

Mark Rober Education

Rober earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University. He went to the University of Southern California for his Master’s degree.

Mark Rober Family – Parents

Rober was raised in Orange County, California. He became interested in engineering at a young age. Apparently, attempts to establish the identities of his mother and father were in vain since no information about them is available to the public. It’s therefore not known whether he has any siblings.

Mark Rober’s Wife – Married – Children

He is happily married to Lisa Rober and together they have a son. The family resides in Sunnyvale, California since 2015.

Mark Rober Career

Rober is a well-known YouTube personality, inventor, and former NASA engineer. He is the owner of the Mark Rober YouTube channel, which has over 19.5 million subscribers. He is well-known for his science movies, do-it-yourself gadgets, and other science-tech-related stuff. Mark Rober was also the founder of Digital Dudz, a Halloween costume firm that specialized in crafting one-of-a-kind outfits. He has been on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a popular American talk show. Mark Rober’s Instagram handle is Rober, and he has over 651k followers. Mark worked as an engineer at NASA before starting his YouTube career. In 2004, he joined NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and stayed there for almost a decade.

Mark Rober Photo
                         Mark Rober Photo

In 2011, Rober began his YouTube journey. “iPad2 Halloween Costume- Gaping hole in torso” was the title of his debut video. Within a day, the video went viral and gained millions of views. As a result, Mark founded Digital Dudz, a costume company that created Halloween costumes based on his film. In 2013, he sold Digital Dudz to Morphsuits, a costume manufacturer. Mark has a long list of inventions to his credit. He demonstrated a unique glitter bomb that emitted a terrible odor when exploded in a video released in 2018. The explosive was first used against parcel smugglers. Mark went on to construct better versions of the glitter bomb in the future. Money mules that worked for online crooks were also targeted using his invention.

Money mules that worked for online crooks were also targeted using his invention. To shut down bogus call centers, Mark Rober teamed up with YouTube celebrity Jim Browning. Rober has also secretly worked for Apple, a worldwide technology company. He worked in the company’s product design department, primarily on virtual reality projects. He even holds two patents linked to virtual reality. Mark is also a supporter of environmental causes. In 2019, he teamed up with MrBeast, a well-known YouTuber, to launch Team Trees, a fundraising campaign aimed at raising $20 million to plant 20 million trees.

Mark Rober’s Net Worth

Apparently, information about his net worth is not disclosed.