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Lindsey Gort is an American actress best recognized for her roles on CW’s The Carrie Diaries and   on the legal drama All Rise.



She is 40 years old as of April 24, 2024. She was born in 1984 in in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Husband – Children

Gort married her lover Beau Laughlin in a July 2015 ceremony at The Paramour Mansion in Silver Lake, California.

Net Worth

She has an estimated net worthg of $2 million.


She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches(1.63 m).


She plays Candy Fletcher in the television series Lucifer. Candy, a vocalist, inherited her father’s nightclub, Fletcher’s, in Las Vegas. Lucifer Morningstar encountered her on an escape trip following Chloe Decker’s near-death in “A Good Day to Die” in an attempt to protect her from him.

Candy, a singer who inherited her father’s nightclub, Fletcher’s, in Las Vegas, meets Lucifer Morningstar following Chloe Decker’s near-death experience. They meet and develop a passionate connection, with Lucifer agreeing to pay off her debts and assist him in uncovering his mother’s true intentions. They return to Los Angeles, where Candy is depicted as a “ditzy bimbo” wearing a large diamond ring.

Lindsey Gort together with her husband Beau Laughlin
Lindsey Gort together with her husband Beau Laughlin

Chloe is surprised and wounded by Candy’s appearance, but she promises her that her profession is risky and that she will not screw it up. They file for an annulment, which takes over a year to complete. In “Vegas With Some Radish,” she reappears when Lucifer receives a call from the LVPD and they travel to Vegas to locate Mrs. Morningstar. They discover an active murder scene and a deceased woman, but Candy has “ginormous” feet.

Lucifer and Ella Lopez follow a trail of evidence, eventually meeting Candy outside the same casino. They are pursued by the murderer, who uses her ghost to distract him. Candy sends Lucifer back to LA before he interferes with Chloe’s life.

Dead Boy Detectives

On Netflix’s Dead Boy Detectives, she plays Maxine, an eccentric librarian in Port Townsend who keeps a big, tangled secret. Edwin Payne was slain at his boarding school in 1916 and sent to Hell, where he was pursued by an unknown threat. In 1990, Hell was emptied, and the boarding school was overtaken by former professors and students who had fled Hell. Charles Rowland was the school’s only surviving student during these events, and Payne assisted him in avoiding danger. Rowland later emerged as a ghost, deciding to skip the afterlife with Death in favor of future adventures with Payne.

During the Children’s Crusade crossover, the two ghosts came and trained to be detectives by studying the school’s library books and films. They were recruited to investigate the disappearance of children in a small British town, which connected them to the other Vertigo title characters. They were briefly seen chasing magician Tim Hunter, but were apprehended and allegedly returned to Death’s dominion by a coachman. In 2001, the two ghosts looked into the mystery of homeless children’s corpses washing up in the Thames.

All Rise

She played Amy Quinn, a powerful criminal defense attorney who has a convoluted relationship with Mark and later becomes Mark’s girlfriend. Amy leaves her current law practice to work for Rachel’s. She and Mark become engaged at the end of season 2 and marry in the series finale. All Rise follows the personal lives of judges, prosecutors, and public defenders at a Los Angeles courthouse.

The plot revolves around newly appointed Judge Lola Carmichael, a highly respected and impressive former deputy district attorney who does not intend to sit back on the bench in her new post, but rather leans in, instantly pushing the boundaries and defying expectations of what a judge may be.


♦ 2020 – Love is a Piece of Cake
♦ 2019 – Best Intentions
♦ 2019 – A Merry Christmas Match
♦ 2016 – Urban Cowboy
♦ 2016 – Real Good People
♦ 2015 – How Sarah Got Her Wings
♦ 2015 – Self Promotion
♦ 2013 – Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter
♦ 2013 – 2 Guns
♦ 2013 – Social Media Anonymous
♦ 2012 – Destinea, Our Island
♦ 2012 – Body Languages
♦ 2012 – Phoenix
♦ 2011 – Our Footloose Remake
♦ 2010 – Forgotten Pills
♦ 2010 – Wing Bitches

TV Shows

♦ 2024 – Dead Boy Detectives
♦ 2021 – Station 19
♦ 2019–2023 – All Rise
♦ 2019 – A Million Little Things
♦ 2018 – Titans
♦ 2018 – Single Parents
♦ 2017 – Pure Genius
♦ 2017 – American Housewife
♦ 2017 – Lucifer
♦ 2017 – Do You Want to See a Dead Body?
♦ 2017 – S.W.A.T.
♦ 2016 – Modern Family
♦ 2016 – The Last Tycoon
♦ 2015–16 – Impastor
♦ 2015 – Baby Daddy
♦ 2014 – Two Popular Girls’ Guide
♦ 2013–14 – The Carrie Diaries
♦ 2013 – Vegas