Lesley-Ann Brandt Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

Lesley-Ann Brandt Biography

Lesley-Ann Brandt is a South African actress who is known for appearing in a variety of New Zealand television programs, but it was her appearance in Spartacus: Blood and Sand that initially brought her international attention. She has been a part of the television series Lucifer since January 2016.


How old is Lesley-Ann Brandt? – Age

Ann is 39 years old as of 2 December 2020. She was born Lesley-Ann Brandt in 1981 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lesley-Ann Brandt Family

Brandt, her parents, and her younger brother Brian Brandt moved to Auckland, New Zealand, in 1999.

Who is Lesley-Ann Brandt Husband? – Marriage

In 2015, Brandt married her six-year boyfriend, actor Chris Payne Gilbert. The couple has a son; Kingston Payne Brandt-Gilbert, who was born in July 2017.

Lesley-Ann Brandt Net Worth

Ann has an estimated net worth of $21 Million.

Lesley-Ann Brandt Lucifer

She was cast as Mazikeen: Confidante and devoted ally of Lucifer Morningstar, “Maze” for short in the American urban fantasy superhero television series Lucifer.


She is a demon who followed Lucifer from Hell to Los Angeles and worked as a bartender and bodyguard at Lucifer’s club after serving as his top torturer. Maze seeks a new direction on Earth in the second season and becomes a bounty hunter. Brandt also plays Lilith, Maze’s mother, and Lucifer’s ex-lover, in the fifth season’s fourth episode.

Lesley-Ann Brandt Diplomatic Immunity

Ann was cast as Leilani Fa’auigaese, an intelligent, outspoken woman in the New Zealand comedy Diplomatic Immunity.


However, she has recently become an issue. Leilani has pushed the Fe’ausi men forward while pressing them to consider political views. Her male prominence has made her highly hated among females. As a result, Leilani has been deported to New Zealand to be with her father, Jonah, who only wants to keep her hidden since she is jeopardizing his chances of becoming King. Whales are a phobia for her.

Lesley-Ann Brandt Photo
Lesley-Ann Brandt Photo

Lesley-Ann Brandt Spartacus: Blood and Sand

She was cast as Naevia, Lucretia’s loyal body slave. She becomes Crixus’ lover in the first season of the American television series Spartacus: Blood and Sand.


Spartacus, a Thracian warrior who was abducted by Gaius Claudius Glaber, returns to his birthplace in 73 B.C. Spartacus’ wife Lucretia is sold into slavery, and he is transported to Capua’s gladiatorial arena to train as a gladiator. In the “pits of the underworld,” Spartacus and Crixus are pitted against one other. Spartacus is degraded after surrendering in the arena to his arch-enemy Crixu. In the marketplaces, Lucretia loses money on her new emerald jewelry. The erroneous news that Ovidius’ son is still alive troubles Batiatus. To avoid repaying the winnings owed to him, Ashur employs the chance to have Barca assassinated. Spartacus, who is in conflict with his dominus once more, decides to concentrate on his new gladiatorial career. Spartacus and Crixus are scheduled to compete in an exhibition match for Numerius’ coming-of-age celebration. Batiatus’ scheme to assassinate Solonius is thwarted by a betrayed Ashur. For an unlawful tryst with her lover, Naevia snatches a guard’s key.

Lesley-Ann Brandt Movies

♦ 2019 – Heartlock
♦ 2015 – Painkillers
♦ 2013 – Drift
♦ 2012 – A Beautiful Soul
♦ 2011 – InSight
♦ 2011 – Duke
♦ 2010 – The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell

Lesley-Ann Brandt TV Shows

♦ 2016–present – Lucifer
♦ 2014 – Being Mary Jane
♦ 2014 – Killer Women
♦ 2014 – Single Ladies
♦ 2014 – Gotham
♦ 2014 – The Librarians
♦ 2011 – Chuck
♦ 2011 – Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
♦ 2011 – CSI: NY
♦ 2011 – Memphis Beat
♦ 2011 – Zombie Apocalypse
♦ 2010 – Spartacus: Blood and Sand
♦ 2010 – Legend of the Seeker
♦ 2010 – This Is Not My Life