Fedmyster Bio, Age, Parents, Spouse, In Offline TV, Net worth

Fedmyster Biography

Fedmyster is the online moniker of Mexican-American “Twitch’ streamer and ‘You Tube’ personality Federico Michael Gaytan. He began his career as a video editor and worked for ‘offline TV’. He now creates content for You Tube and Twitch channels. Fedmyster is known for his IRL streams to League of Legends Fortnite and Apex Legends.


How old is Fedmyster? – Age

The Mexican-American Twitch streamer is 25 years old as of 7th August 2020. He was born in 1995 in the United States.

Who are Fedmyster Parents? – Dad and mum

Fedmyster was born to a Mexican- American couple. His dad passed on at a younger age and the three children were left under the care of only her mother. Due to that Fedmyster dropped out before receiving his degree in University of California to support his two brother. He has two brothers.

Is Fedmyster in a relationship?- Spouse

The Mexican- American Twitch streamer is still single and not in any relationship as far. He has not yet disclosed an thing to do with her status. We are yet to update on his status yet the information is well known.

Fedmyster part time jobs while schooling

The You Tuber while studying at the University, he took up a retail job at ‘Office Depot’ for 6 months. He was a sales consultant and sold laptops and computers. He then initially worked in an Encino store and then got transferred to Santa Cruz. In college, the You Tuber wanted to intern for ‘Riot Productions’ but was rejected.

He had previously worked as a production assistant for the teen comedy ‘G.B.F’., which premiered at the 2013 ‘TriBeCa Film Festival’. In October, he joined ‘Life Lab’ Santa Cruz, a leading California-based garden-oriented science, nutrition, and environmental education platform, where he continues to work as an editor and videographer.

Fedmyster in ‘Twitch streamer’ and ‘You Tube’

The Twitch streamer launched his You Tube channel on December 4, 2014. He posted the first video on the Channel, ‘TSM vs C9 playoff Hype Trailer’, on March 29, 2016. With over 3.6 million views, the video ‘EYETRACKER EXPOSES ME ft. Yassuo & Pokimane’ is the most viewed video on the channel. Currently, the channel has over 273 thousands subscribers.

In June 2017, he received an offer to join ‘Offline TV’, a California- based online social entertainment group. Later on July 8, 2017, Offline TV released a You Tube video introducing Fedmyster as the group’s new member. In January 2018, he was officially named as part of talent group, amidst his growing popularity.

Fedmyster launched his second Twitch account, FEDMYSTER2 in February 2019. He has over 311 thousands followers on his first Twitch account and around 17 thousand on the second account.


The You Tuber witnessed the first major controversy of his career right before he turned into a full-time content creator. He was banned for photoshopping inappropriate pictures of his roommates Pokimne and Lilypichu. Fedmyster was banned second time soon after he became a full-time content creator. On April 1, 2019, Fedmyster was banned for 14 days, as he live-streamed from Japan in an inebriated state and destroyed property.

In 2020, Offline TV removed Fedmyster on charges of allegations of sexual harassment and unwanted touching from two of his housemates. He apologized for his behavior and accepted that he is “flawed”

Fedmyster Net worth

The Twitch Streamer has an estimated net worth of about $128.54 thousand.