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Dylan Baker Biography

Dylan Baker is an American actor best known for his work in films such as Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and television programs such as Murder One and The Good Wife, for which he received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations.


How old is Dylan Baker? – Age

He is 64 years old as of 7 October 2023. He was born in 1959 in Syracuse, New York, United States.

Dylan Baker Family – Education

He was born to Raymond E. Baker, and Marion Toomey Baker. He attended Holy Cross Regional Catholic School, Darlington School, and Georgetown Preparatory School before graduating in 1976.


Baker attended Virginia’s College of William & Mary before graduating from Southern Methodist University in 1980.Baker went on to get a Master of Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama, where he studied with Chris Noth and Patricia Clarkson.

Dylan Baker Wife

He married Becky Gelke, now known professionally as Becky Ann Baker, in 1990.They live in New York City with their daughter.

Dylan Baker Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $4 Million.

How tall is Dylan Baker? – Height

He stands at a height of 6 feet, 0 inches (1.829 m).

Dylan Baker The Americans

He portrays William, a KGB illegal working in the biological weapons industry on The Americans. In 1983, William, a KGB agent, worked in Foster Medical Research Group, a privately held laboratory that handled infectious infections of interest to the USSR.

The Soviets appointed him to the organization, but his gloomy personality hindered him from progressing at work and getting access to the germs held on “Level 4.” William gave a Burkholderia mallei sample when his lab received a government contract from Fort Detrick, the Department of Defense’s bioweapons branch. Despite the physical and mental toll, William remained dedicated to his purpose and devoted to his team.

Despite his desire to flee, Gabriel, who had previously been matched with Eliza, was transported back to Russia. William’s life had been defined by exposure to fatal infections, and he was unable to supply the Jennings with the essential information. William agreed to finish his goal and become a hero despite his ethical concerns.

The Jennings, Hans, Norm, and a team of KGB agents discovered William’s buried body in a plastic container in February 1984. The sample was shipped to Russia, where it was weaponized and used against the Afghan Mujahideen.

Dylan Baker Photo
Dylan Baker Photo

Dylan Baker Homeland

On Homeland, he plays Sam Paley. Senator Sam Paley is leading a probe into President Keane following her arrest of 200 federal employees. He first collaborates with Carrie in order to gather insider knowledge that will aid his inquiry. Paley summons Simone Martin, lover of Chief of Staff David Wellington, to appear before Congress following the assassination of General Jamie McClendon. Carrie eventually discovers that her source, FBI agent Dante Allen (together with Simone), is a Russian asset seeking to destabilize the Keane administration by implicating Wellington in the McClendon assassination.

Paley collaborates with Carrie in order to obtain insider knowledge for his inquiry. Following McClendon’s murder, he summons Simone Martin, the girlfriend of chief of staff David Wellington, to testify. Carrie learns that FBI agent Dante Allen is a Russian agent plotting to destabilize Keane’s administration. Paley, who initially believes them, changes his mind following Dante’s death. Paley allows Simone to escape, which leads to her detention as a co-conspirator.

Dylan Baker The Good Wife

In The Good Wife, he played Colin Sweeney. Colin Sweeney enjoys bondage and S&M sex. Many people believe he murdered his wife and framed her daughter, though he was never convicted. As a result, he is frequently likened to O.J. Simpson. He was then charged with murdering another woman because she forced him to kill his dog. He claimed self-defense but accepted a plea deal that included prison time. He has never spoken of his parents or his childhood background. He also runs his own business and was previously represented by Lockhart/Gardner & Associates before Will Gardner died and Diane Lockhart was forced out.

After being released from prison, he was reinstalled as CEO of his company. He struck a deal with the District Attorney to get out of prison by persuading a Nazi to confess to killing a witness. Decker, Gussman, Lee, Lyman, Gilbert, Laurie, Kagan, Tannebuam & Associates now represents him. He’s married with a child.

Dylan Baker Movies

♦ 2023 – LaRoy
♦ 2023 – Dream Scenario
♦ 2019 – Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
♦ 2018 – Elizabeth Harvest
♦ 2017 – The Misogynists
♦ 2016 – Catfight
♦ 2016 – Miss Sloane
♦ 2015 – Actor Seeks Role
♦ 2015 – America Is Still the Place
♦ 2015 – Applesauce
♦ 2015 – Nightfire
♦ 2015 – The Benefactor
♦ 2014 – Turks & Caicos

Dylan Baker TV Shows

♦ 2022 – Inside Man
♦ 2022 – Would I Lie to You? (US)
♦ 2021 – Evil
♦ 2021 – The Hot Zone: Anthrax
♦ 2020–23 – Hunters
♦ 2020 – Social Distance
♦ 2018 – Elementary
♦ 2018 – Homeland
♦ 2017 – Difficult People
♦ 2017 – Little Women
♦ 2017–18 – The Good Fight
♦ 2017–18 – I’m Dying Up Here
♦ 2016 – The Americans
♦ 2016 – Confirmation