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Christopher Jackson is an American actor and vocalist best known for his performances in Disney’s The Lion King, After Midnight, Bronx Bombers, Holler If Ya Hear Me, and Memphis. He began his career in 1995 and received critical recognition for his performances in In the Heights and Hamilton, which starred Lin-Manuel Miranda. Jackson also worked with Miranda on Moana and has other cinematic credits.


He is 48 years old as of 30 September 2023. He was born in 1975 in Cairo, Illinois, United States. Heis real name is Christopher Neal Jackson.

Family – Education

He was born in Metropolis, Illinois and raised in Cairo, Illinois by his mother, Jane Adams, a vocal music instructor, and stepfather, Herbert Michael Hodges. In 1993, he graduated from Cairo High School. While a student, he participated in plays and was urged to pursue a career as an actor by one of his high school instructors, Lynn Steveson, who also directed the school’s debate team. She also cast him in a staging of Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. He also acknowledges Pilots basketball coach Larry Baldwin and Mighty Rivers Regional Worship Center Pastor Larry Potts as major influences during his formative years in Cairo. After graduating from high school, Jackson attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City.

Wife – Children

Jackson married actress and singer Veronica in 2004, after meeting her during a performance of In the Heights.Before the first run-through of the Off-Broadway production of In the Heights, Jackson discovered that his son had been diagnosed with autism. Jackson and his wife support KultureCity, a foundation that promotes acceptance and inclusion for all people, regardless of ability. They have one son, C.J., and a daughter, Jadelyn. They live in Scarsdale, New York.

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $9 million.


He appeared as Chester “Chunk” Palmer in the American legal drama television series Bull. Chester is a fashion stylist who previously worked for Vogue and was an All-American defensive lineman at the University of Georgia. He prepares TAC clients for court. From Season 2, he begins attending law school and develops an erratic relationship with his previously unknown daughter, Anna. He passes the bar exam between seasons 4 and 5 and tries his first case with TAC in season 5. Following Benny’s departure in season 6, he takes over as lead attorney.

Christopher Jackson together with his wife Veronica Vazquez
Christopher Jackson together with his wife Veronica Vazquez

The series follows the staff of Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC), a jury consulting organization led by Dr. Jason Bull, a psychologist and trial-science expert. Bull uses his and his team’s expertise not just to select the best jurors for his clients, but also to assist his clients’ lawyers in determining which style of argument will most appeal to jurors. Bull is inspired on Dr. Phil McGraw’s early career, for which he also acts as executive producer.


He played Perry Loftus in the HBO show Oz. Perry Loftus, an educated African American young man, attended Middlesex Academy and met Oz’s CO Adrian Johnson as a freshman before graduating as a senior. Loftus began working as Governor James Devlin’s assistant after graduating from university.

Mayor Wilson Loewen was convicted of murder, and Governor Devlin offered to transport him out of Oz. Loewen blackmailed Devlin and demanded that he confess his political offenses. Devlin directed his subordinate, Loftus, to assassinate Loewen. Loftus discovered his old acquaintance Adrian Johnson working at Oz and ordered him to kill Loewen. Johnson hired inmates Willy Brandt and Lionel Kelsch to assassinate Loewen.

Brandt cut Loewen’s throat, killing him. Warden Leo Glynn learned that Johnson and Loftus attended the same university and were aware of the plot surrounding Loewen’s murder. Loftus, fearing Loewen, directed Johnson and Kelsch to murder Brandt and Glynn. Brandt died the next morning, while Kelsch fatally murdered Glynn during an award ceremony in Oz. Tim McManus discovered Kelsch murdered Glynn and threw him in a hole before confessing. McManus assured Devlin and Loftus they would be apprehended, but his fate is unclear.


♦ 2009 – After.Life
♦ 2012 – You’ll Be a Man…
♦ 2013 – Broken Aster
♦ 2015 – Tracers
♦ 2016 – Moana
♦ 2020 – Hamilton
♦ 2021 – In the Heights
♦ 2023 – World’s Best

TV Shows

♦ 2003 – Oz
♦ 2009 – The Electric Company
♦ 2009 – Fringe
♦ 2010 – Nurse Jackie
♦ 2010 – White Collar
♦ 2010–2014 – Sesame Street
♦ 2011 – A Gifted Man
♦ 2014 – Person of Interest
♦ 2014 – The Good Wife
♦ 2016–2022 – Bull
♦ 2018–2019 – The Lion Guard
♦ 2019 – When They See Us
♦ 2020 – Vampirina
♦ 2020-2022 – Central Park
♦ 2021–present – And Just Like That…