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Cherry Boone Biography

Cherry Boone is an American writer, author, and singer best known as a member of the girl group The Boones. She formed the girl group with her three sisters, Debby, Linda, and Laury Boones, in the early 1970s. Her best-selling books include Starving Attention, Continuum, Dear Cherry Questions and Answers on Eating Disorders and Living on the Border of Disorder. 


Cherry Boone Age

Boone is 68 years old as of July 2022. She was born Cheryl Lynn “Cherry” Boone on July 7, 1954, in Denton, Texas, United States.

Cherry Boone Height

Boone stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Cherry Boone Father -Parents -Pat Boone

Cherry was the first child of renowned American actor and singer Pat Boone (father) and Shirley Lee Foley Boone (mother). Debby, Lindy, and Laury are her three younger sisters. Cherry and her family used to sing together during Thanksgiving and other popular holidays when she was a child. Boone and her sisters formed a pop group together called The Boones. The band separated after Cherry got married and some of her sisters went to college. Her sister Debby decided to pursue a full-time solo career as a pop artist back in 1977.

Cherry Boone Husband- Married

Boone has a husband named Dan O’Neill. On October 4, 1975, the two lovebirds met and married in a private wedding ceremony in Van Nays, California. Dan and Cherry are both devout Catholics who value their faith. Dan was a co-founder of the humanitarian organization Mercy Corps. Boone and her husband have two boys (Kevin and Kylie O’Neil) and two girls (Brittany and Brendan O’Neil). Cherry lives in the northern suburbs of Los Angeles, California, with her family.

Cherry Boone Photo
Cherry Boone Photo

Cherry Boone The Boones Siblings

Pat Boone’s daughters, Cherry, Debby, Lindy, and Laury, formed the pop group The Boones in 1970. By 1978, the group had done a lot of covers. They eventually split up in 1979. Cherry left the group to marry, while her other two sisters pursued careers of their own. Cherry rose to prominence after the death of a close friend, Karen Carpenter, from anorexia nervosa in 1983. (eating disorder). The two first met when Boone was recovering from anorexia and was a former patient of psychotherapist Steven Levenkron, who lived in New York City. Her first book, Dear Cherry: Questions and Answers on Eating, was published in 1985, and it launched her writing career. Eating Disorders because of Karen’s death. The book describes her struggles with eating disorders in order to assist readers to overcome anorexia.

Cherry Boone’s Net Worth

She has not disclosed her net worth.

Boone Books

  • Starving for Attention, Continuum, 1982
  • Dear Cherry: Questions and Answers on Eating Disorders Continuum, 1987
  • Living on the Border of Disorder: How to Cope with an Addictive Person, Bethany House, 1992