Bryan Goldberg Bio, Age, Napoleon’s Hat, Net Worth, Gawker, Nylon

Bryan Goldberg Biography

Bryan Goldberg is an American entrepreneur and the founder of the Bustle Digital Group, which owns several media companies. He previously launched Bleacher Report, a sports news website that was sold in 2012 to Turner Broadcasting System. He is largely regarded as a divisive character in New York media owing to his tough deal-making techniques and media tycoon status.


How old is Bryan Goldberg? – Age

He is 39 years old as of 29 June 2022. He was born in 1983 in Los Altos, California, United States.

Bryan Goldberg Family – Education

His father worked as a technology executive at Atari and Quantum, while his mother was a housewife. He received his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College, where he majored in economics and Japanese.

Bryan Goldberg Napoleon’s Hat

Bryan Goldberg paid $1,400,000 for the legendary hat owned and worn by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte at a Sotheby’s auction in November 2021. Given the rarity and quality of the historical relic, he told The New York Post, “I can’t believe the price I got.” The hat had previously belonged to Scottish aristocrats descending from Sir Michael Shaw-Stewart, who bought it in 1814 and knew Bonaparte’s family. Goldberg indicated that he planned to give the hat to a museum, but that he would also wear it at formal events, including his wedding.

Bryan Goldberg Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Bryan Goldberg Gawker

Goldberg bought Gawker’s rights at a bankruptcy auction in July 2018. The renowned website had previously been forced to close due to a lawsuit filed by professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. Gawker’s auction drew a lot of media interest, and Goldberg’s initial reticence to reveal his plans for the site fueled a lot of conjecture. He later declared plans to restart Gawker in early 2019, however, the initiative was eventually halted.

Bryan Goldberg Photo
Bryan Goldberg Photo

Bryan Goldberg

In November 2018, Goldberg paid less than $10 million for, a significant drop from the almost $100 million the firm was valued only a year before. Goldberg noted his ambition to grow Bustle Media Group into News and Politics, a move opposed by the Mic Union following major corporate layoffs.

Bryan Goldberg Nylon

Goldberg purchased Nylon, an alternative fashion and music journal with an emphasis on experiential marketing, in July 2019. Notwithstanding the fact that the journal had previously gone out of print, Goldberg vowed to restart publication. In August 2020, Goldberg expanded into the fashion industry by acquiring W Magazine alongside celebrities Karlie Kloss, Kaia Gerber, and Lewis Hamilton. Conde Nast once owned the luxury fashion magazine.

Bryan Goldberg Career

With David Finocchio, Alexander Freund, and David Nemetz, who were friends from middle school, Goldberg started Bleacher Report in 2007. Goldberg was not trained as an engineer, but he took on most of the technical work on the sports news website. With its high volume of content and slideshows, Bleacher Report quickly established itself as a rival to traditional sports news outlets like ESPN and Sports Illustrated. In addition, the company launched the Team Stream app, which eventually overtook ESPN as the largest mobile and social media sports network. Turner Broadcasting System paid $200 million for the website in 2012. Goldberg and his cofounders took all 160 employees to Las Vegas following the sale.

In 2013, Goldberg left Bleacher Report to start the women’s interest website Bustle. He talked to hundreds of women about what they thought was missing from traditional publications like Cosmopolitan and Glamour in preparation. Bustle now has 31.2 million readers, nearly half of whom are women under the age of 34, despite the launch’s critical reception.

Goldberg and his company rebranded as Bustle Digital Group in April 2017 after purchasing Elite Daily, a millennial-focused website, from the Daily Mail. Goldberg acquired Rachel Zoe’s The Zoe Report in March 2018, and she later joined Goldberg’s Bustle Digital Group as a partner.