Beth Jordan Mynett, Tim Mynett’s Wife Bio, Age, Husband, Son, Divorce

Beth Jordan Mynett Biography

Beth Jordan Mynett is a physician and the Medical Director of the DC Department of Corrections who is widely known for being the former wife of Tim Mynett, a political consultant.


How old is Beth Jordan Mynett? – Age

Jordan is 55 years old as of 2020. She was born in 1996 in the United States of America.

Beth Jordan Mynett Husband

Beth is a divorced woman. She was married to Tim Mynett from the year 2012 until 2019. The couple has a son.

Beth Jordan Mynett Divorce

Beth filed for divorce of requesting protection of their son’s custody, child support, the complete control over their DC home and the charged with cash. And Tim Mynett adds that he only agreed to be married to Beth Jordan in an attempt to prevent her from kicking him off their ways into going home. But because of Daily images showing it moving out of her home after sleepovers, Mynett dismissed his affair with the Minnesota freshman democrat. The documents were filed in August, though were and have been unidentified by the District of Columbia Superior Court. Mynett was’ a roller coaster of tall and lower’ with Beth for the first six years of wedding, said it in the files brought at the DC Superior court marriage. But he did not mention any highs while he specified a multitude of’ lowers.

The parties discussed separation and divorce several times owing to the unhappy and unfulfilling nature of their relationship, he held in media written by his lawyer Sarah Mancinelli in reports. During the marriage, the parties carried various discussions on the issue they were with and Mr. Mynett requested him repeatedly to express to Ms Mynett that he was psyched and claimed she was unfair. He stated several times that they had to find a way to develop their relationship. Sadly, these interactions had never triggered significant advances in their marriage.

Beth Jordan Mynett Career

Beth has a university degree and college from the University of Arizona medical school and had spent her home physical years as male medicine at the University Medical Center and Veterans Administration of Tucson, Arizona. She had worked for the Mayo Clinic for almost five years before going to Washington DC for five years. In 2001, to focus on the global health care team’s general and medicines, both with regard to health advocacy and on continuing schooling and treatment benefits.

She has over 20 years of experience in her role as a clinician and administrator in both emergency care and emergency treatment spaces. She is known as an expert in women’s rights for reproduction. She joined the Corrections Department of DC in 2013 as the new Medical Director of the agenc