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Actor, Bertie Highmore

Bertie Highmore Biography

Bertie Highmore, born in London as Albert Samuel Highmore, is an actor who has appeared in the widely watched film Women Talking Dirty, which was released in 1999. His brother was also one of the stars in the film and this being his first great role, he played his part so well making him gain fame from the film lovers.


How old is Bertie Highmore? – Age

Highmore is 26 years old as of 2021. He was born in 1995 in London, England, UK.

Are Freddie and Bertie Highmore twins? – Parents and Family

No, the Highmore brothers are not twins. Freddie Highmore is the elder sibling and was born as Alfred Thomas Highmore on February 14, 1992. He is also an actor with his own credits in the entertainment industry, popularly known for his starring role in the “Good Doctor” production. Bertie is not as popular as his brother hence people tend to confuse him for his brother Freddie. The two gentlemen were born to Edward Highmore (Edward Thomas Highmore), an actor and mother, Sue Latimer, a talent agent.

Actor, Bertie Highmore
Actor, Bertie Highmore

Bertie Highmore Women Talking Dirty

He appeared as Col, Ellen’s best friend youngest son in the 1999 British comedy film Women Talking Dirty.


In their thirties, Cora and Ellen are two sisters. Before the women meet and the plot really starts, the story catapult itself into the past. Cora is an aspiring biochemist with a goal to college. Ellen is a newcomer with perspectives for running her own business.

Years pass and Ellen and Daniel are going through a very messy divorce which is left somewhat easier by the fact he has taken off to Barbados. Regardless of the hurt he has caused her, Ellen is still in love with him and still completely unaware that her best friend’s youngest son Col is the son of her ex. Cora, by contrast, is still struggling with life and is still sad about her guilt. The reality of the paternity of her son could never be revealed to her neighbor. When Daniel comes back, Cora understands that she has no time to say the truth to Ellen and that all her friends and neighbors, who have known her secret, advise her to be truthful.

Ellen, Cora, and a few nearby neighbors are blindly intoxicated as they host a dinner party. Cora admits Ellen to have the son Ellen always desired with Daniel. Ellen casts everyone out and locks herself for days in her apartment, including Cora. After dinner, Daniel went back to Ellen and found him unwelcome immediately.

Bertie Highmore Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $4 million.