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Ashley Scott Biography

Ashley Scott is an American actress and model best recognized for her work as Maria Miller’s voice and motion capture in the video games The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II. She has also acted in films such as A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Walking Tall, Into the Blue, The Kingdom, 12 Rounds, and Secret Obsessions, as well as a number of Lifetime network television movies since 2010.

How old is Ashley Scott? – Age

She is 45 years old as of 13 July 2022. She was born in 1977 in Metairie, Louisiana, United States. Her real name is Ashley McCall Scott.

Ashley Scott Husband – Children

From 2004 to 2008, Scott was married to producer Anthony Rhulen. She married Steve Hart, the main singer of the band Worlds Apart, in 2010, and they have two daughters. In 2019, they divorced. She was living in Los Angeles with her two daughters as of October 2017.

Ashley Scott Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $500 Thousand.

Ashley Scott Walking Tall

She appeared as Deni, Chris’ friend and love interest who worked at the casino as a stripper in the 2004 American action film Walking Tall. Chris Vaughn is a former US Army Special Forces Sergeant who returns to his hometown in Kitsap County, Washington to discover the local cedar mill closed down by its owner, Jay Hamilton, three years previously. He is invited to a casino party and discovers his childhood friend Deni working as a stripper. He attempts to bring charges, but Sheriff Stan Watkins refuses and the casino is untouchable. Chris, enraged, ruins the casino property and assaults the security personnel. He is acquitted and wins the sheriff’s election.

He assumes office and appoints Ray Templeton, a former drug addict, to educate him on narcotics. They crack down on a supply point and arrest Booth. Deni pays him a visit and Chris has sex with her. Booth begs Chris to get him out of his cell as Watkins and his officers approach. Chris kills the intruders with Deni’s assistance. The residence of Chris’ parents is attacked, but Ray and Chris’ father dispatch the gunmen. Chris closes the casino and restart.

Ashley Scott A.I. Artificial Intelligence

She appeared as Gigolo Jane in the 2001 American science fiction film A.I. Artificial Intelligence.Rising sea levels have decimated the world’s population in the 22nd century, prompting the development of Mecha humanoid robots. David, a prototype Mecha child capable of feeling love, is handed to Henry Swinton and his wife Monica, whose son Martin has been placed in suspended animation due to a rare disease. One of Martin’s pals pokes David with a knife at a pool party, activating his self-protection training. Monica had a change of heart on the route to destruction and saves David from destruction. To reclaim Monica’s love, David chooses to seek out the Blue Fairy and have him transformed into a genuine boy.

Two thousand years later, humanity is extinct, and the Mecha have grown into a more advanced form, with a group of them known as the Specialists becoming interested in learning about humans. The Specialists reconstruct the Swinton family home from David’s recollections and explain to him that it is impossible to create a real boy from David’s memories, but they utilize their scientific knowledge to recreate Monica through genetic material from Teddy’s strand of hair. David spends his happiest moments.

Ashley Scott 12 Rounds

She appeared as Molly Porter in the 2009 American action film 12 Rounds.When the FBI’s inside man double crosses them, a sting operation to catch arms dealer Miles Jackson goes haywire. Miles flees in a getaway car with his girlfriend Erica Kessen, and Officers Danny Fisher and Hank Carver assist the FBI.

Ashley Scott Photo
Ashley Scott Photo

After recuperating, Jackson forces Fisher to participate in a game of vengeance known as “12 Rounds.” For “Round 2,” Fisher’s girlfriend Molly is kidnapped, and Jackson grabs the cash from a Medevac chopper on a hospital roof. Fisher and Aiken sprint to the hospital roof, where Jackson detonates the touch phone-bomb and tosses the switch. Danny and Molly leave the movie, with Molly wanting to go home, but Danny informs her what happened to it.

Ashley Scott Movies

♦ 2019 – Secret Obsession
♦ 2019 – Jumanji: The Next Level
♦ 2009 – 12 Rounds
♦ 2008 – Strange Wilderness
♦ 2007 – The Kingdom
♦ 2006 – Puff, Puff, Pass
♦ 2005 – Into the Blue
♦ 2005 – Just Friends
♦ 2004 – Walking Tall
♦ 2004 – Evil Remains
♦ 2004 – Lost
♦ 2003 – S.W.A.T.
♦ 2001 – A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Ashley Scott TV Shows

♦ 2019 – The Flash
♦ 2018 – A Tale of Two Coreys
♦ 2017 – Fatal Defense
♦ 2017 – A Woman Deceived
♦ 2017 – Manny Dearest
♦ 2017 – One Small Discretion
♦ 2016 – Broken Promise
♦ 2016 – A Killer Walks Amongst Us
♦ 2015 – 16 and Missing
♦ 2015 – UnREAL
♦ 2013 – The Perfect Boyfriend
♦ 2013 – Summoned
♦ 2013 – The Nightmare Nanny
♦ 2013 – Holiday Road Trip
♦ 2012 – Unstable
♦ 2010 – NCIS
♦ 2010 – Christmas Mail
♦ 2009 – Fear Itself