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Arif Zahir is a singer-songwriter-actor from the United States well-known online. With more than 7 million subscribers, his vocal impressions of cartoon characters and celebrities can be found on his YouTube channel, Azerrz. Zahir replaced Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown’s voice actor on the TV show Family Guy in 2021.

How old is Arif? – Age

Born Arif Zahir Lopes-Thrower, the YouTuber is 30 years old as of 15 April 2024. He was born in 1994 in Berkeley, California, United States.

Zahir Family – Education

Zahir is of African American and Cape Verdean origin. Before returning to California in 2007, he spent a portion of his childhood years in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where he attended Keith Middle School and Nativity Preparatory School. In middle school, Zahir started using voice impressions for his peers to gain attention. After achieving prominence, he began attending Hussian College’s campus in Los Angeles. He eventually dropped out to focus more on his YouTube business.

How much does Arif Zahir make? Net Worth

Arif has an estimated net worth of 2.2 million.

Family Guy

After Mike Henry’s voice was replaced, Zahir assumed the voice of Cleveland Brown in “LASIK Instinct”. In leftover episodes from the previous season, Mike would still be credited as Cleveland, despite the fact that Cleveland has no lines in “Rock Hard” or “Must Love Dogs”. Cleveland Orenthal Brown, Sr. is the main character of The Cleveland Show, a spin-off sitcom, and a minor character on Family Guy. He’s a novelty in Quahog and the neighborhood’s token black guy. Cleveland was formerly married to Loretta Brown, but the two divorced when Loretta had an extramarital affair with Glenn Quagmire. Cleveland Brown, Jr., their son, was very different from his father in terms of energy and attitude.

Cleveland, who starred in “Death Lives,” was a successful minor-league baseball player before relocating to Quahog following his breakup with Maxine. In “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas” and “Blind Ambition,” he demonstrated his skills as an auctioneer and as the president of the Quahog Chamber of Commerce, respectively. In “Hell Comes to Quahog,” he was the owner of Cleveland’s Deli before Superstore USA forced him out.

American actor and musician Arif Zahir Photo
American actor and musician Arif Zahir Photo

Cleveland briefly works as a postal worker in “Take a Letter” and a therapist in “Dr. C & The Women” after returning to Quahog. He gets a job at the Pawtucket Brewery after losing his job in “Unzipped Code” because to a wardrobe mishap. But because of union assistance, he is allowed to return to his previous position as a postal worker.

In “Death Lives,” Cleveland encounters Peter Griffin in the 1970s and talks about being away from “Maxine, the Cheatin’ Queen.” Following his divorce, he dated Bernice, who had a louder voice than Loretta but appeared to be equally dictatorial. Following his divorce, he went to California to work as a baseball scout and married his childhood sweetheart Donna Tubbs, becoming the stepfather to her two daughters, Rallo and Roberta.

What happened to Azerrz?

Although Zahir started his YouTube channel in 2012, he didn’t upload any videos until 2013. Initially, he shared funny drawings, videos of himself playing games, and recordings of himself doing vocal impressions of cartoon characters and actual celebrities. When Zahir began performing voice impressions in 2011, he became well-known for them. Zahir voiced Cleveland Brown for the first time, a role he would reprise a few years later.

In the short film No One But Lydia, Zahir played the part of Arif in his debut acting performance. He began appearing on How It Should Have Ended as a recurrent cast member in 2018; he voiced T’Challa, the Black Panther. Arif swiftly expanded his channel to over 6.5+ million subscribers and 650+ million views through community challenges and his first viral hit, “Ted Plays Call of Duty,” which has over 20 million views.

He records songs under the alias 4rif and is also a rapper and singer. August 30, 2019, saw the release of his debut album, At Last Sight. In 2020, he collaborated with rapper Dlngqnt on an EP titled Go Gadget/Blues Clues, which was released on April 29. Mike Henry, who had played Cleveland Brown since 1999, announced his retirement on June 26, 2020, stating he thought a person of color ought to take over the position. It was revealed on September 25, 2020, that Zahir will begin voicing Cleveland in Family Guy Season 20.


Arif Movies and TV Credits

Apart from music, he has appeared in several movies and tv shows including;


♦ 2019 – The Golden Realm: An American Larping Experience
♦ 2017 – Everyone But Me
♦ 2017 – Hues and Hidden Kings
♦ 2016 – Eraser
♦ 2016 – The Invisible Shadow
♦ 2014 – No One But Lydia

TV Shows

♦ 2016 – Cliffhanger
♦ 2018 – G.P.A.
♦ 2018–present – How It Should Have Ended
♦ 2019 – Internet Rich
♦ 2020 – Party Chat
♦ 2020 – VENN: Arcade Live
♦ 2021–present – Family Guy
♦ 2021 – Rocky
♦ 2022 – American Dad!
♦ 2022 – Robot Chicken


♦ 2020 – At Last Sight/Kids
♦ 2020 – The Window
♦ 2019 – August
♦ 2019 – Gimme Ya Lovin’
♦ 2018 – Down the Line
♦ 2018 – Drunk With You