Ariel Tejada Bio, Age, Education, Surgery, Net Worth, Makeup, Career

Ariel Tejada Biography

Ariel Tejada, a professional makeup artist from the United States, was contracted to do just that for Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. With over 2.3 million followers on Instagram, his makeupbyariel account has become a phenomenon.


How old is Ariel Tejada? – Age

He is 27 years old as of May 29, 2022. He was born in 1995 in New York, in the United States of America.

Ariel Tejada Family – Education

He is from New York and is of Cuban origin. He was a student at Brooklyn High School of the Arts in Brooklyn, New York.

Who did Ariel Tejada Surgery?

Ariel has made no secret of the fact that he has sought the assistance of plastic surgery in the past, praising Dr. Hovsepian, a Beverly Hills surgeon known to his prominent customers as Dr. Raffi.

How long does makeup by Ariel take to do makeup?

He takes 3.5 hours.

How much does Ariel Tejada charge?

He earns a salary of $2,500 per day.

Ariel Tejada Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Ariel Tejada Career

When it came to his CV, Ariel took some liberties and began contacting photographers and models. Despite the fact that he was just 17 years old and had little experience, his bold approach paid off, and he began booking assignments quickly. Many photographers took notice and gave him an opportunity. Following that, he began putting his work on Instagram and messaging high-profile influencers directly. His only purpose was to contact everyone and see who responded.

Eventually, he attracted the notice of Lilly Ghalichi, an influencer and the founder of Lilly Lashes. She ended up appreciating Ariel’s work so much that she cancelled her regular makeup artist for the rest of the week after requesting him to travel out to New York to do her makeup. After working with other high-known influencers to develop his Instagram profile, Ariel grabbed the notice of Kylie Jenner, who DM’d him on Instagram and begged to collaborate with him.

Ariel Tejada Photo
Ariel Tejada Photo

After that initial DM, Ariel immediately became Kylie’s go-to makeup artist, and the two collaborated to produce “the Kylie Jenner look,” as Ariel describes it. The brow, which is also Ariel’s signature, was the foundation of her new appearance. By looking at his work, you can know it’s his because of his brows. Ariel turned his sights on older sister Kim after establishing his style with Kylie.

He’d been doing Kylie’s makeup for a long, and they were at New York Fashion Week, and he knew he had to nail it since Kim would be there and see his work in person. He opted to upgrade his travel home after fashion week because he worked so hard that week, and it just so happened that Kim and Kanye were on the same flight. When the plane took off, he sent her a text message in which he offered to do her make-up and said he’d be more than delighted to. He then pretended to be going to the bathroom before getting up and handing her the phone.

She grinned as she read the message and began typing. She had written on it that she had already asked Kylie for his phone number when she handed it back to him. Her aide would then have contacted him later that week.

Since then, Ariel has collaborated with the entire Kardashian family, including Kris Jenner and Mary Jo’s grandmother. They’re all very supportive of one another, he says, and they’re all quite adaptable. They’ll sort it out if Kylie needs him and Kim has him scheduled. His goal with cosmetics is to draw attention to a person’s best qualities. He needs to be pushed hard to perform colorful looks for Kylie’s marketing campaigns since he doesn’t want to. To make you feel seductive, he wants a nice, clean brow, maybe a tiny wing, or a bronzy eye.

Despite having built his entire career on Instagram, Ariel isn’t a fan of the Instagram makeup trend since it encourages people to go beyond with everything: a heavy eye, a heavy brow, and thick foundation. Given that Ariel’s whole career has been established on Instagram, it’s no wonder that he’s a big proponent of using the platform for more than just uploading nice videos of your dog.