Andy Bumatai Bio, Age, Wife, Spouse, Siblings, Parents, Net Worth

Andy Bumatai Biography

Andy Bumatai is a Hawaiian-born American actor, producer, television host, and stand-up comedian. Bumatai put out several comedic CDs. His first win was for “Most Promising Artist” at the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards. He went on to win three more for “Best Comedy Performance.”



He was born Andrew Jackson Bumatai on 24 December 1953, in Germany. Andy is 70 years old as of December 2023.

Parents- Siblings

Bumatai was born in Germany to a German mother and an American military father, Bobby Bumatai (Elsie Bumatai). He spent most of his life in San Francisco before moving to Kalihi when he was 13. After a year in Kalihi, he and his family relocated to Waianae.His brother, actor Ray Bumatai, died on October 2, 2005. His other siblings are  Ramona Bumatai, Gabe Bumatai, Ben Bumatai, Heidi Bumatai.

Wife- Spouse

 He is happily married to his wife Sherry Bumatai.


Bumatei dropped out of Waianae High School in the 11th grade and worked various jobs before starting as a salesman at the age of 20. He then decided to pursue stand-up comedy with several others in Hawaii. Although it was difficult to find work at first, as the area generally attracted moviegoers to the entertainers, he was eventually hired and began opening for singer Frank De Lima. Bumatei would later replace Rap Reiplinger in “Booga Booga” and continue his stand-up performance.

Bumatai has recorded several music albums. His early work earned him the Nä Hōkō Hanohano Award for Best Actor and he has won three more awards for Best Actor. He has also produced several television programs, including “High School Daze” and “All in Ohana” for KGMB-TV Hawaii. He and his brother Ray Bumtai also created BumaVision for Hawaii’s OC16 network. Outside of Hawaii, he appeared on the TV series “Raven” and appeared in TV series such as “North Shore” and “Baywatch.” Bumatei also appeared in the 1997 revival of the Hawaii Five-0 series.

Bumatai is the executive producer of Nighttime Productions and the creator and star of his own Hawaii-based online talk show, The Andy Bumatai Show. He is also the host of the motorcycle series “Toolin’around” and the show “Daily Pidgin,” which talks about Hawaiian pidgins and native Hawaiian traditions. Bumatai has been livestreaming on YouTube, Twitch, and many other platforms at various times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now he goes on air with host James Mane and edits news featuring music videos from Hawaii.

Net Worth

Andy has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars.