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Alexxis Lemire Biography

Alexxis Lemire is an actress and model is from the United States. She gained notoriety for her performances in the 2017 Syfy horror television movie Truth or Dare, in the 2018 Lifetime suspense movie The Art of Murder, and in the 2020 Netflix original film The Half of It.


How old is Alexxis Lemire? – Age

She is 26 years old as of 30 May 2022. She was born in 1996 in Londonderry, New Hampshire, United States.

Alexxis Lemire Parents

She is the daughter of Jim Lemire and Hilda Lemire. She has a brother, Edwin Joel Rodriguez.

Alexxis Lemire Relationship

She has been in two relationships; She first dated Jake Short in 2016 and later Luke Baines.

Alexxis Lemire Height

She stands at 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m).

Alexxis Lemire Truth or Dare

She appeared as Jessie Havnell in 2017 American supernatural horror television film Truth or Dare. To finish the Truth or Dare game in 1983, Donna Boone encourages her buddy Johnny Milsner to jump off the roof, leading him to roll off to his death. Eight pals visit the house Carter has rented today for a Halloween event. In Carter’s dorm room, the ghost of Addison makes an appearance and challenges him to hang himself for two minutes while a noose hangs from the ceiling.

Alexxis Lemire Photo
Alexxis Lemire Photo

Alex finds Donna Boone, the lone survivor of Truth or Dare in 1983 while researching the house’s eerie past. When challenged to get run over by a car, Holt admits that he previously caused someone’s paralysis in a hit-and-run accident. In the cellar, Jessie is persuaded to link herself to a pipe, but she runs out of time and is eaten by cockroaches. Seven living body parts must be removed, and Maddie and Alex are required to execute it in three different methods.

Alexxis Lemire The Half of It

She appeared as Aster Flores, the daughter of a local deacon in the 2020 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film The Half of It. Ellie Chu works as a freelance writer for extra cash from her home in the isolated hamlet of Squahamish. Paul Munsky, a verbally challenged football player, approaches her and asks her to write Aster Flores a love letter. They become friends because they have similar tastes in reading and the arts. Paul tries to kiss her after Aster says Trig wants to marry her, but she rejects him. Because of his training in religion, Paul feels that it is wrong to love someone who doesn’t believe in God. Ellie apologizes to Aster for tricking her by thinking she was Paul before heading to Grinnell.

Alexxis Lemire Lab Rats: Elite Force

Lemire Guest starred as Scarlett Double, Melissa Christine as Skylar Double in the eleventh episode of the comedy television series Lab Rats: Elite Force. When Skylar’s Caldera friend Scarlett comes to town, she makes an effort to persuade Skylar to return there. Skylar declines, so Scarlett abducts her and holds her captive on Caldera. Scarlett adds that Caldera is engaged in a civil war between the opposition and the previous administration, who both desire to aid others. Scarlett is a member of the adversary. When Bree and Oliver learn about Skylar, they go to Caldera to save her, but Scarlett locks them up alongside Skylar. If Skylar doesn’t join her, Scarlett threatens to keep Oliver and Bree locked up. Skylar consents, and her ability to visit Earth is taken away. Later, Bree is able to ask Chase and Kaz for assistance via email.

Chase builds a mechanical girlfriend named Christina in the meantime, but she starts to fall for Kaz. Chase makes six more girlfriends, but each of them also develops feelings for Kaz. After receiving Bree’s letter, Chase and Kaz move toward Caldera. Scarlett frees Oliver and Bree but puts them back in jail along with Skylar when Oliver tries to flee with Skylar. Their metal cage will be lowered into a lava pit as part of Scarlett’s plan to kill them. When Kaz and Chase show up, they aid in the others’ escape. Scarlett makes an attempt to kill the group but fails and dies as a result. Skylar later expresses sadness over the civil war in Caldera, but Bree reassures her that Earth is her home.

Alexxis Lemire Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Alexxis Lemire TV Shows

♦ 2020 – The Half of It
♦ 2018 – The Art of Murder
♦ 2017 – The Other Mother
♦ 2017 – Truth or Dare
♦ 2016 – Lab Rats: Elite Force