Alex Weed Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows

Alex Weed Biography

Alex Weed is a well-known American actor  well recognized for his guest appearances on TV shows such as Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, House, and “House Hunters Renovations.”


How old is Alex Weed? – Age

He is 43 years old as of May 11, 2023. He was born in 1980 in Menlo Park, California. His real name is Alexander Wilding Weed.

Alex Weed Wife

He is married to Fiona Gubelmann, with whom he co-starred in Horror High in 2005.

Alex Weed Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Alex Weed Pretty Little Liars

He appeared as Jonah in the American mystery teen drama television series Pretty Little Liars. Before Vivian Darkbloom vanished, Jonah was an informant for her. He initially appears in Season 2 when his phone number is located in the pocket of Alison’s persona Vivian Darkbloom’s trench coat. He worked at Allegheny Cellular until he was sacked by Vivian. Jonah initially appears when a random number is discovered in Vivian Darkbloom’s trench coat pocket.

When the girls phone the number at first, no one answers, and they leave a voicemail. After a few more attempts, an irritated woman answers the phone. She swears she has never met somebody named Vivian and tells them not to call again. Later that night, a man phones them frequently from the same phone number. When the girls, led by Aria, phone back, the man confesses that he knows Vivian and offers to meet her someplace to chat.

Alex Weed The Magicians

Weed portrayed Gordy Weitzer, a veterinarian and a friend of Pete’s on The Magicians. Pete asked Gordy to locate the Webster’s Weeping Healer for Kady Orloff-Diaz, who needed the relic to pay her rent. Gordy delivered them to a friend, Duke, who he claimed was the current owner of the Healer.

Kady later phoned Gordy after Pete fainted, deducing that Pete’s personal enchantments collided with a cursed object. When Kady brought Gordy a Dewey Pete had stolen from Duke, Gordy discovered it had a powerful Searcher enchantment that was changing Pete’s. He then removed Pete’s enchantments and charged him for the procedure.

Alex Weed Photo
Alex Weed Photo

Alex Weed The Pumpkin Karver

He appeared as Spinner in the 2006 American slasher film The Pumpkin Karver. After mistakenly killing their sister’s boyfriend Alec in a joke, Jonathan and his sister Lynn relocate to a new place. They attend a Halloween party with Tammy, Spinner, Lance, Rachel, Brian, Yolanda & Vicki, and Ben Wicket, among others. Ben pursues Jonathan but he manages to flee. Lynn and Tammy search for him, but he is stabbed to death. Tammy is hunted and stabbed to death by the assassin.

Jonathan and Lynn face Alec, who turns out to be Lynn’s deceased boyfriend who has returned for vengeance. Jonathan’s trauma leads him to assume Alec is the murderer, and Ben has been attempting to assassinate him. When the cops come, Jonathan morphs into Alec, confessing that he was the murderer and that Ben had been attempting to kill him. Jonathan stabs Lynn to death at the end of the film.

Alex Weed Movies and TV Shows

♦ 2019 – The Magicians
♦ 2012 – Man Up!
♦ 2012 – Overnight
♦ 2012 – Pretty Little Liars
♦ 2012 – CSI: NY
♦ 2010–2011 – Suck and Moan
♦ 2011 – Criminal Minds
♦ 2011 – Victorious
♦ 2011 – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
♦ 2010 – Bones
♦ 2009 – Mental
♦ 2009 – Penance
♦ 2008 – The Double Born
♦ 2007 – House
♦ 2007 – Big Shots
♦ 2007 – Dirt
♦ 2006 – The War at Home
♦ 2006 – The Pumpkin Karver
♦ 2006 – The Truth and Nothing But the Truth
♦ 2005 – Horror High
♦ 2005 – Malcolm in the Middle
♦ 2005 – That’s So Raven
♦ 2004 – Gilmore Girls