Wiley Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Albums and Songs

Wiley Biography

Wiley (Wiley Kat) born in Britain as Richard Kylea Cowie Jr. is MC, rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and disc jockey.


How old is Wiley ?-Age

The British rapper is 42 years old as of 2021. He was born on 19 January 1979 in Bow, London, United Kingdom.

Wiley Family

He was born to reggae artist Richard Cowie Senior. He started loving music began when his father introduced him to the drums. He traveled to London a lot as a child with his father and later settled in Chatham, Kent with his grandmother before his teenage and a year later, he went back to live with his father. He has a half-brother Cadell who is also a grime artist.


Wiley Career

Wiley played on pirate radio stations such as Rinse FM and drum and bass stations as a teenager. In 2000, with his college friends DJ Target and MC Maxwell D, Wiley went from the SS Crew to join The Ladies Hit Squad, a garage crew. In 2000, he gained broad acclaim for his UK garage album “Nicole’s Groove,” which he recorded under the stage name Phaze One.

In 2004, Wiley released Treddin ‘on Thin Ice on XL Records, his debut album. “Under the pseudonym “Wiley Kat,” several of Wiley’s early vinyl releases, such as ‘Eskimo’, were released; this name was taken from a character in the cartoon Thundercats. Wiley released his second album, Da 2nd Phaze, in 2006. The Eski beat origins followed his third album, Playtime is Done. The solo material from The famous rapper is handled by the Perpetuity Music Company.

In May 2008, with the hit single, “Wearing My Rolex,” Wiley found mainstream chart success. Within the crime scene, the instrumentation, such as the slower, house style beat and lack of sub-bass, created some unrest. In 2010, via his Twitter page, The rapper released 11 zip files for free download, containing over 200 tracks of old and unreleased music. His seventh studio album, 100 percent Publishing, was released on 20 June 2011 on the record label Big Dada and charted in the UK Albums Chart at number 76. He released an independent digital download EP entitled Chill Out Zone on 8 July 2011. Wiley said on 4 April 2013 that after a disagreement about The Climb, he was leaving his record label Warner.

 Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2020. He has accrued his net worth from his career as a rapper, songwriter, record producer, DJ, and musician.

Wiley Richard Albums

♦ 2020; The Godfather III (2020)
♦ 2020; Boasty Gang – The Album
♦ 2018; Godfather II
♦ 2017; Godfather
♦ 2014; Snakes & Ladders
♦ 2013; The Ascent
♦ 2012; Evolve or Be Extinct
♦ 2011; 100% Publishing
♦ 2009; Race Against Time
♦ 2008; See Clear Now
♦ 2008; Grime Wave
♦ 2007; Playtime Is Over
♦ 2006; Da 2nd Phaze
♦ 2004; Treddin’ on Thin Ice

Richard Songs

♦ 2018; Boasty
♦ 2004; Wot Do U Call It?
♦ 2014; On a Level
♦ 2020; Eediyat Skengman 3
♦ 2020; Eediyat Skengman 2
♦ 2020; Eskimo Dance
♦ 2013; Heatwave
♦ 2007; Bow E3
♦ 2008; Cash in My Pocket
♦ 2017; Holy Grime
♦ 2017; Godfather
♦ 2011; Numbers In Action
♦ 2011; 100% Publishing
♦ 2012; Boom Blast
♦ 2018; I Call the Shots
♦ 2009; Where’s My Brother
♦ 2011; She Likes To
♦ 2020; Eediyat Skengman
♦ 2013; Reload
♦ 2004; Icerink
♦ 2013′ Lights On

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