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Steve Gaisford the Al Jazeera journalist

Stev Gaisford Biography

Stev Gaisford is a British news anchor who mostly works for ITV News and, on occasion, Al Jazeera English. Gaisford started a new firm, Chloros, in September 2009, with the goal of employing well-known faces as online web presenters.


How old is Stev Gaisford? – Age

Gaisford was born on 2nd March 1972 in England. He is49 years as of 2021.

Where did go Stev Gaisford to school? – Education

Gaisford grew raised in Tonbridge, Kent, and attended Tunbridge Wells Grammar School before enrolling at Falmouth College for his Broadcast Journalism Diploma.

Stev Gaisford – Family


Stev Gaisford Wife

Emma Gaisford is his happily wedded wife. On July 11, 1998, he married his bride in a private ceremony in the company of his friends and family members. Even after 20 years of marriage, his relationship with his wife is going perfectly right now.

When the couple received their son Charlie Gaisford, they completed their family. His son is already 17 years old and has matured into a young man. On August 5, 2004, he also embraced his daughter Amy Gaisford. She has matured into a lovely young lady, much like her mother.

What is Gaisford Salary?

His salary is $36,000.

Gaisford Net Worth

His net worth is unknown.

Gaisford Career

Gaisford first appeared on television in 2000 as the Chief Correspondent and Relief News Presenter for GMTV. GMTV was a national breakfast contractor, that promised “a cheerful morning and with more information” that aired programs like ‘GMTV’, ‘GMTV with Lorraine’, ‘Newshour’, ‘ GMTV Today’, ‘Sunday Best, ‘The Sunday Programme’, ‘The Entertainment Programme’ and many more, most of which gained moderate reception from its audience.  Gaisford also worked in ‘The Sunday Programme’ as a reporter from 2003-2005. After GMTV the franchise was bought by ITV in 2009, its name was changed to ITV Breakfast Broadcasting Limited, and the show ‘GMTV’ was shut down in 2010.                                                                                                                                                                                                          After that, Stev was given the role of Chief Correspondent and Stand-in Presenter. After the show ‘Daybreak’ was axed in 2014, Gaisford was again the Chief Correspondent and Stand-in Newsreader for ITV’s relaunched show ‘Good Morning Britain,‘ which had been previously replaced by ‘GMTV’ in 1993. He also became the Correspondent for ITV’s show ‘Lorraine’ in 2014 and News Correspondent in 2015. Along with his work in these shows, Steve had held an ever-growing list of achievements, two of which being The First UK reporter to broadcast live from Basra, Iraq, and Reporting live from the Atacama Desert when Chilean Miners were rescued. Also, he had reported from Tsunami-hit Northern Japan in 2011, PhillipinesDockland Bombings, Earthquake Philippines Pakistan, Typhoon, Gulf War in the middle east, Flooded Mozambique in 2000, Concorde crash in Paris and from Thailand Indonesia in the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2005.                  Furthermore, he has reported on the Funerals of Nelson Mandela and Pope John Paul II. He has also covered sports events like the Olympics in 2008 and Football World Cup in 2010. Stev is also considered a Tech Expert, with him having filmed two series in Tokyo and Korea, both based on how Gadgets have changed the personal life in his country. His reports were broadcasted on channels like BBC, CNN, Channel4, Channel5, and Fox among others while in Iraq to report after the Iraqi city fell to UK Forces. In his career, it is not doubted that he has worked very hard to earn the name and place. As an employee of ITV, he draws an average salary of £36k. With all his accumulated amount he might be enjoying the millions of net worth.