Simon Minter, Bio, Age, Education, Family, Parents, Wife, Married, Net Worth, Career

Simon Minter Biography

Simon Minter is a British YouTube gamer personality and member of the Sidemenknown for his commentary and vlogs featuring the video game FIFA. He also has channels called MiniminterClips and MiniminterShorts. He is also known online as Miniminter.


What is Miniminter’s real name? – Age

Miniminter was born Simon Edward Minter on September 7, 1992, in Leeds, England. He is 29 years old as of September 2021.

Simon Minter Education

Simon attended Berkhamsted School, a private/independent school in his local area.  He later studied criminology at the University of Hull.

Simon Minter Family – Parents

Miniminter was born Simon Edward Minter in Leeds, England, as the youngest of the three sons born to the Minter family. His elder brothers, are Nick and Johnny.

Simon Minter’s Wife – Married

Simon has been in a relationship with pop singer Talia Mar, an English YouTuber and singer since 2017.

Simon Minter Career

A well-known YouTube gamer named Minimiter is well-known for his vlogs and commentary on the FIFA video game. Some of his classmates’ most extravagant dreams and imaginings cannot compare to his current status, fame, and fortune. Who on earth would have thought that a boy of just 14 or 15 could transform his passion into a machine that “mints” money! Miniminter, who currently runs two YouTube channels with the primary channel “miniminter” and the secondary “channel mm7games,” had amassed more than 5 million subscribers by the start of 2016. Although Miniminter first gained notoriety for his work on FIFA, he now also concentrates on other video games. Miniminter is a founder member of the Ultimate Sidemen in addition to being the owner of two YouTube channels.

Simon Minter PHOTO
                   Simon Minter PHOTO

Just before leaving college in December 2012, Simon published his first FIFA video. The “mini” in “Miniminter,” according to Simon, was a reference to his youthful height. It is also thought to be a reference to the fact that he is the youngest of his family’s three children. He frequently cracks a joke about the “mini” part being a reference to his penis, which may or may not be untrue. Simon and Deji collaborated on their debut video in April 2013. He and three other Sidemen members moved into the (original) Sidemen House about a year later. He had only been acquainted with Vik for a few months at this point.

Age is just a number is a cliche that perfectly describes Miniminter, a well-known YouTube gamer and vlogger who began his career when he was just 14 years old. Miniminter was occupied perfecting his skills and pursuing his love as a vocation while other kids his age were adjusting to their new adolescent era. At the age of 24, Miniminter earns almost $1,000,000 annually from playing games and uploading them on YouTube. The main channel, “miniminter,” and the secondary channel, “mm7games,” are both responsible for Miniminter’s spectacular development.