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Who is Mina Harvard? – Biography

Michael Mina is a celebrity chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author from the United States. He founded the Mina Group, a restaurant management company with over 40 locations worldwide.


How Old is Michael Mina? – Age

Mina is 52 years old as of 2021. He was born in 1969 in Cairo, Egypt.

Michael Mina Education

When he was 16, he began working in a French kitchen in his hometown. Mina went to the University of Washington after high school and worked in the restaurant at the Space Needle, where he got his first taste of working in a busy restaurant. After a year, he left to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

What president did Michael Mina cook for?

The celebrity chef founded the Mina Group, which operates 45 restaurants worldwide, including the Michelin-starred Michael Mina flagship restaurant in San Francisco. He has prepared meals for three American presidents, including two in a row (George W. Bush and Bill Clinton) and, most notably, lunch for then-President Barack Obama.

Michael Mina Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of  $8.7 Million.

Michael Mina Cookbook

Michael Mina: The Cookbook, his first cookbook, was released in November 2006. The book includes a variety of recipes based on his “Trio concept” as well as his “classic” dishes.

Michael Mina Michelin stars

Michael Mina is a one-Michelin-star restaurant in San Francisco’s Financial District. The Michelin Guide awarded the restaurant two stars in 2006. It was downgraded to one star in 2010 and then removed from the list in 2011. Since 2012, the restaurant has maintained its one-star rating. It was also awarded Esquire Magazine’s Restaurant of the Year in 2011.

Michael Mina Photo
Michael Mina Photo

The restaurant specializes in New American cuisine with a strong Asian influence, which could be attributed to its California Cuisine slant. There are two menus on offer: a nine-course Ketto Menu (Japanese for “dueling”) and a less Asian-influenced a la carte menu. The nine-course Ketto Menu features dishes that contrast with one another, as well as contrasting wine pairings.

How many restaurants does Michael Mina own? – Career

Mina followed Executive Chef George Morrone to San Francisco after working with him at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles. Mina took over as executive chef at Aqua after Morrone left, and she has since received numerous awards and accolades.

Michael Mina’s cooking philosophy is based on balancing four basic elements: spice, sweetness, acidity, and richness. Michael has prepared meals for three US Presidents. Michael met Andre Agassi in Mina’s restaurant in San Francisco in 2002; they partnered to launch The Mina Group and open concept restaurants such as Nobhill and Seablue in Las Vegas. Michael Mina, Mina’s San Francisco restaurant, was awarded two Michelin stars in October 2006, making it one of only four restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area to receive two stars. Esquire Magazine named it Restaurant of the Year in October 2011.

Mina opened RN74 in San Francisco in 2009, named after Route Nationale 74, a highway that runs through France’s Burgundy region. Mina’s San Francisco restaurant, Michael Mina, was demoted to one Michelin star for the 2010 San Francisco Bay Area Michelin Guide, then dropped entirely from the starred list in 2011. It returned to the starred list in 2012, with one Michelin star.

Michael Mina founded Cook Taste Eat, a digital culinary media company that distributes video content via daily emails and video, in September 2012. Michael Mina, along with co-host Michelle Branch, teaches viewers how to prepare restaurant-quality meals in their own kitchen. Viewers learn each meal one dish at a time through daily emails and videos, as well as useful behind-the-scenes culinary tips and tricks. Michael is a long-time fan of the Albany River Rats. In 2018, he opened Mina Brasserie in Dubai’s DIFC financial district.