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48 Hours host, Maureen Maher

Maureen Maher Biography

Maureen Maher is a journalist from the United States of America working for CBS as a reporter and correspondent. She hosts the CBS program ’48 Hours’. She is based in Illinois and has been working with CBS since 1999.


How old is Maureen Maher? – Age

The CBS news reporter’s exact date of birth is unclear. However, she  is thought to be 54 years old as of 2020. She is said to have been born in 1966 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

Maureen Maher Parents – Family

Maher’s birth parents are not known to the public. At the time she was conceived, they were in their teens and her mother could not be able to take care of her newborn baby, hence, she gave her up for adoption.  She took Maher to Catholic Charities for the them to find a home for her baby.

Maureen Maher’s Adoption Story

In a 2009 episode of her special “48 Hours,” the topic was adoption and Ms. Maher described it as an experience that was difficult not to get wrapped in as it was so close to her heart. The story was of a case that highlighted the plight of struggling Samoan parents having their children taken and given to American families in a huge adoption scam. She says that she was able to personally connect with them on the basis of being adopted herself and talking to them about what they may face down the road.

In the past, she has shared her story and acknowledged that, “It was a stigma then. It would have been really hard for her to keep her. She loved me enough to give me up.” She further revealed that after being given to the Catholic Charities and growing up, she began getting back to her story at the age of 16. She was able to find and meet her biological mother though she says that it doesn’t sit well with her mother who gets reminded of the pain every time she sees Maher. She goes on to say, “it’s okay. I feel very grateful for the choices she made. It doesn’t mean I don’t get kicked in the stomach every time she pushes me away, though.”

Maher studied and graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications.

CBS News Reporter, Maureen Maher
CBS News Reporter, Maureen Maher

Is Maureen Maher Married? – Husband and Kids

Maureen is married but she has closely guarded the details of her love-life, marriage and family. However, through her Twitter account, she has mentioned her husband severally though not by name as well as revealed that she is a mother of two.

Still through a tweet, of March 2016, Maureen revealed that she and her husband had met at a Don Henley concert and that they were celebrating their 10th anniversary. That then means that the two got married in 2006.

Maureen Maher Career

In 1991, Maher began her career as a morning-drive news anchor with the Chicago-based radio station WLUW (FM). She then moved to Detroit in 1992, where she worked until 1995 as a reporter for WJBK-TV, a Detroit-based TV station, and WWJ (AM), a CBS-owned radio station. In 1995-97, Maher worked for WJRT-TV in Michigan as a news anchor, covering breaking news, including the bombing of Oklahoma City and the Decker farm raid. She was a Chicago-based correspondent for CBS Newspath from 1997 to 2002, covering notable stories such as the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the Kosovo crisis, and the release in Albania of US soldiers.

Maher started her career at CBS from 1999 to 2002 as a correspondent for CBS News. She reported on the War on Terror, the collapse of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the 2002 Kenyan hotel bombing, the Enron affair, and natural disasters in the US for CBS Evening News. Maher wrote on the murder trial of Scott Peterson and a collapse in the Chicago porch in 2003 that resulted in 13 deaths. Maher was assigned to host 48 Hours Mystery in 2003, a transmission of a CBS true-crime documentary and news show.

Maureen Maher Net Worth

Maureen has had a blissful career as a journalist which in turn has to translate to good compensation for her work. She has also been in the industry for a long time but just like her personal life, Maher’s actual net worth is not a public matter.

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