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Kate Bosworth Biography

Kate Bosworth is a model and actress from the United States. She rose to prominence with her role in the box office hit Blue Crush, after minor roles in The Horse Whisperer and Remember the Titans.


Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth Family

Patricia (née Potter), a homemaker, and Harold Bosworth, a former Talbots executive, are her parents. She was born with heterochromia iridum, which causes her right eye to be hazel and her left eye to be blue. Her family moved from San Francisco to various parts of the country when she was six years old due to her father’s job. She was raised primarily on the East Coast, with the remainder of her childhood spent in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Who is Kate Bosworth married to? – Husband – Children

She began dating American director Michael Polish, whom she met earlier that year when he directed her in Big Sur, in mid-2011. They announced their engagement in August 2012 and married in Philipsburg, Montana on August 31, 2013. She announced her divorce from Polish in August 2021. Jasper, Polish’s daughter from a previous marriage, is Bosworth’s stepdaughter, whom she describes as “hands-down the greatest unexpected gift of her life.” According to reports, Bosworth was in a relationship with actor Justin Long as of January 1, 2022.

Kate Bosworth Height

She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.65 m).

Kate Bosworth Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $12 Million.

Kate Bosworth The I-Land

She appeared as KC, a formerly abused wife and waitress imprisoned for murdering her two sons in the American science fiction thriller streaming television miniseries The I-Land. As a waitress, she was flirted with and had an affair with a man from Chicago. She was drowned and nearly killed in her kitchen sink by her abusive husband after telling him she did not love him. He saves her from drowning and tells her she can divorce, but she will never see her sons again. She then administers cough medicine to her two young sons before driving them into the ocean to drown them. She later attempted suicide in front of her husband by stabbing herself in the stomach.

Kate Bosworth SS-GB

She appeared as Barbara Barga, an American reporter in the 2017 British drama series SS-GB. SS officer Oskar Huth hires Detective Douglas Archer to investigate a murder in German-occupied London. Archer deduces that his assassin, William Spode, was an atomic physicist working for a German faction other than the SS who was presumably killed by the Resistance. As the Nazis impose martial law in London, Archer, Harry Woods, and Sylvia are apprehended. Archer agrees to assist Mayhew in freeing the king and entrusts Spode’s negatives to Barbara. Huth ambushes them at the rendezvous point, killing both Sylvia and the King.

Kate Bosworth Young Americans

In the American drama television series Young Americans, she played Bella Banks, Will’s childhood friend, a pretty townie torn between Scout and fellow New Rawleyian, Sean. Young Americans take place at a prestigious boarding school in the town of New Rawley. Will Krudski faces moral quandaries as he attempts to find his place at school? Jacqueline Pratt enrolls at Rawley Academy under the guise of Jake, a male student.

Kate Bosworth Photo
Kate Bosworth Photo

Kate Bosworth The Long Road Home

She appeared as Gina Denomy in the American drama miniseries The Long Road Home. When one of their platoons is ambushed by thousands of enemy insurgents in the City of Sadr, a Sha-majority suburb district of Baghdad, the First Cavalry Division launches a rescue mission. As the news broke, the lives of the soldiers’ families at Fort Hood were put in jeopardy. Under heavy fire, Denomy leads the first rescue into Sadr City. It is clear that the locals have been planning this ambush for weeks. Staff Sergeant Robert Miltenberger had a premonition that he would die in Iraq before his deployment. Jassim’s troubled past is revealed, and his loyalty is put to the test. Aguero is forced to make a decision that will have long-term psychological consequences for the platoon. Tomas Young engages in active combat, beginning a long process of personal development in him that has ramifications for those around him.

Kate Bosworth Movies

♦ 2022 – The Immaculate Room
♦ 2022 – Along for the Ride
♦ 2022 – House of Darkness
♦ 2022 – The Enforcer
♦ 2021 – Wild Indian
♦ 2020 – Force of Nature
♦ 2019 – The Devil Has a Name
♦ 2018 – The Domestics
♦ 2016 – Before I Wake
♦ 2016 – We Shot Ourselves
♦ 2015 – Amnesiac
♦ 2015 – Life on the Line
♦ 2015 – 90 Minutes in Heaven

Kate Bosworth TV Shows

♦ 2019 – The I-Land
♦ 2017 – SS-GB
♦ 2017 – The Long Road Home
♦ 2015–2016 – The Art of More
♦ 2000 – Young Americans
♦ 1997 – 7th Heaven