Julia Voth Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows

Julia Voth Biography

Julia Voth is a model and actress from Canada best known for her roles in the 2009 film Bitch Slap and the TV series Package Deal, as well as her portrayal in several Resident Evil video games.


How old is Julia Voth? – Age

She is 36 years old as of 16 May 2021. She was born in 1985 in Regina, Canada.

Julia Voth Husband

She is the wife of David Zonshine, the manager and film producer. The couple married in 2018 and has a daughter who was born in 2020.

Julia Voth Net Worth

She has made a good fortune from her acting career, despite the fact that he is a well-known actress and model, she has not revealed her wealth record to the public making it difficult to estimated his net worth.

Who was Jill Valentine modeled after? – Julia Voth Model

Voth’s modeling resume includes photo shoots and commercials for Guess, Calvin Klein, and Shiseido. She was the model for Jill Valentine in the 2002 Resident Evil video game. Her likeness was also used in several other Resident Evil video games. Voth was inspired to do a photoshoot cosplaying as Valentine after receiving a custom-made Resident Evil beret from a fan.

Julia Voth and her husband David Zonshine
Julia Voth and her husband David Zonshine

Jill Valentine Bitch Slap

She played the main role as Trixie, a down-and-out stripper in the 2009 action film Bitch Slap.


Three girls, Trixie, a down-and-out stripper, Camero, a drug-running killer and ex-convict, and Hel, a corporate powerbroker, arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort massive riches from Pinky, a ruthless sword-wielding killer. None of the three women are who they seem to be, and each has an unknown motive. They try to force a gangster named Gage to reveal the location of the treasure, but he refuses, believing they will kill him anyway. Camero asks the girls about the best sex they’ve ever had while digging for the treasure, believing the answer reveals something important about their character. Camero enslaves Hel while he is away. Camero chains Hel while she tries to flee with the diamonds, but Hel uses the super-machine gun to free herself. Camero attempts to rap Trixie but is stopped when she notices a tattoo and realizes TriXie is the shadowy contortionist from her past. Hel wakes up after surviving Camero’s attack.

Jill Valentine Package Deal

She appeared as Kim, owner of a loose-tea shop in the Canadian television sitcom Package Deal.


Danny believes Kim is the one. His older brothers, who raised him after their parents died, dislike her. Sheldon avoids relationships and prefers one-night stands. Ryan’s wife divorced him and began dating a fellow surgeon after he paid for her medical school. Kim is dissatisfied with Sheldon and Ryan’s involvement in Danny’s life.

Jill Valentine Movies

♦ 2019 – Bit
♦ 2017 – Hard Surfaces
♦ 2016 – Seattle Road
♦ 2015 – Painkillers
♦ 2013 – Christmas Crush: Holiday High School Reunion
♦ 2012 – Project S.E.R.A.
♦ 2011 – Alone
♦ 2011 – Lilith
♦ 2009 – Bitch Slap
♦ 2009 – Love Hurts
♦ 2009 – The Anniversary

Jill Valentine TV Shows

♦ 2013 – Project: SERA
♦ 2013–2014 – Package Deal
♦ 2012 – Holiday High School Reunion
♦ 2011 – Castle
♦ 2010 – Huge
♦ 2010 – Supernatural
♦ 2009 – The Phone