John Reardon Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows

John Reardon Biography

John Reardon is a former university football player and Canadian actor. Prior to 2015, Reardon had recurring roles on the Showcase series Continuum and the CBC Television series Arctic Air. Reardon currently appears on the Canadian television series Hudson & Rex.


How old is John Reardon? – Age

He is 45 years old as of 30 July 2020. He was born John Henry Reardon in 1975 in Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada.

John Reardon Family – Wife

Reardon married actress Meghan Ory in 2008. They previously collaborated on the miniseries Merlin’s Apprentice. Ory announced the birth of their first child in May 2018. The couple welcomed their second child in October 2019.

John Reardon Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

John Reardon Hudson & Rex

John was cast as Detective Charlie Hudson, Rex’s partner in the Canadian police procedural drama television series Hudson & Rex.


Detective Charlie Hudson works for the fictional St. John’s Police Department as a Major Crimes detective. He works with Rex, a multi-scent trained German Shepherd with a keen ear for unusual sounds. Every episode, Superintendent Donovan, Forensics Chief Truong, and IT Specialist Mills assist the duo in gathering and interpreting evidence. The series’ first case is a kidnapping. The majority of the episodes revolve around various murders, each with its own twist.

John Reardon Photo
John Reardon Photo

John Reardon Son of the Dragon

He was cast as D.B. in the first Hallmark Movie Channel original television film Son of the Dragon.


D.B. was abandoned at birth and rescued from the Shanghai docks, where he grew into an impetuous thief who steals to feed the street children he considers his family. The young man and his wise companion Bird plan to steal the royal court’s jewels. They devise a strategy to gain access to the court by wooing the Governor’s daughter, Princess Li Wei, to whom he is instantly attracted.

John Reardon Arctic Air

He appeared as Blake Laviolette in the Canadian drama television series Arctic Air.


Arctic Air is about a rogue airline based in Yellowknife and the unconventional family that runs it. Mel Ivarson, an old-school bush pilot, Krista Ivarson, Mel’s daughter, and Bobby Martin, the son of Ivarson’s deceased partner, are the owners. The episodes focus on the characters’ interpersonal conflicts as well as dramatic flying missions with their aging fleet of Douglas DC-3s, de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otters, and other aircraft. There are one or more flying missions in each episode.

John Reardon Continuum

She was cast as Greg Cameron, Kiera’s husband in the Canadian science fiction series Continuum. He is the SadTech project leader, and his boss is Alec Sadler. He appears mostly in Kiera’s flashbacks to her life in 2077.


Kiera Cameron lives in 2077-era Vancouver with her husband and son under the North American Union’s corporatocratic and oligarchic dystopia. When a group of self-proclaimed freedom fighters known as Liber8 flee to the year 2012 to avoid execution, Kiera is involuntarily transported with them. Kiera works in the present day to find and stop Edouard Kagame and his followers while concealing her identity as a time traveler from the future.

John Reardon Movies

♦ 2004 – White Chicks
♦ 2005 – Fallen
♦ 2006 – Scary Movie 4
♦ 2008 – Make It Happen
♦ 2010 – Super Hybrid
♦ 2010 – Tron: Legacy

John Reardon TV Shows

♦ 2006 – Merlin’s Apprentice
♦ 2007 – Painkiller Jane
♦ 2008 – 7 Things to Do Before I’m 30
♦ 2010 – Eureka
♦ 2011 – Hellcats
♦ 2012 – Deadly Hope
♦ 2012–14 – Arctic Air
♦ 2013 – Supernatural
♦ 2014 – The Christmas Secret
♦ 2016 – Love on the Sidelines
♦ 2019-present – Hudson & Rex
♦ 2021 – Cypher