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John Ibrahim Biography

John Ibrahim is a former Kings Cross nightclub owner who was accused of being a “significant organized-crime player” who was dubbed the “lifeblood of the Kings Cross drugs sector” at the 1995 Wood royal commission. Ibrahim, on the other hand, adamantly disputes this and has never been convicted of a crime linked to it.


How old is John Ibrahim?- Age

He is 53 years old as of 20 June 2021. He was born in 1968 in Australia.

John Ibrahim Family

In a Muslim family, brahim is the second of four sons and two daughters born to Sally Ibrahim and her husband Ibrahim. Hassan “Sam,” the eldest son, was born in 1966, followed by John, Fadi, who was born in 1974, and Michael, who was born in 1979.

At the age of 16, Ibrahim saw Bill Bayeh’s brother being attacked by two men. Ibrahim became involved and sustained a major knife wound to his torso. He was treated at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney and placed in a coma for three weeks, followed by a six-month recuperation period in the hospital, due to serious damage to his lungs, liver, and intestines. A huge scar was left by the stabbing.

Ibrahim was one of the first Lebanese-Australian guys to be accepted into an illicit motorcycle gang in Australia. In 1997, his older brother, Sam Ibrahim, was chosen president of the Nomads Motorcycle Club’s Granville branch. Sam Ibrahim was charged with the kidnapping of a teen boy and detained in detention for four months before being released on bond in July 2009. Two of Ibrahim’s brothers were found not guilty of conspiring to assassinate John Macris. Rodney Atkinson was convicted guilty of possessing an unlicensed firearm, while Michael Ibrahim remains in custody for an unrelated manslaughter conviction. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison in May 2020, with an 18-year non-parole period.

John Ibrahim Wife

He has a son with his model girlfriend, Sarah Budge. Their son is named Daniel John Taylor.

John Ibrahim Business

Ibrahim built his first nightclub in Kings Cross when he was 18 years old, taking a 20% ownership in what was then called Tunnel Cabaret. Ibrahim sold the club in 2001, and the name was changed to EP1. Police attempted unsuccessfully to close the venue, stating it was involved in organized drug trafficking in Kings Cross. The Earl Place club was renamed Dragonfly by new owners in 2004, and it is still open today, currently known as The Tunnel, under Ibrahim’s management. Ibrahim is linked to at least 17 nightclubs in Sydney’s Kings Cross district.

Ibrahim, at 22 years old, left home and rented a 528 square meter cliff-side villa in Dover Heights (5,680 sq ft). He bought the property for A$1.165 million less than ten years later. The mansion was worth $3 million in 2008 and has since undergone extensive renovations. Ibrahim also owns two other houses on the same street, one of which is leased to Kyle Sandilands, a radio and television star and Ibrahim’s business partner.

Ibrahim is accused of providing bank guarantees to members of his family and owning property in his own name or the names of companies linked to him. In 1997, he gave his sister Maha Sayour a A$112,000 guarantee for her South Wentworthville home, and in 2004, he allegedly got a Merrylands property worth A$253,000 for free. Ibrahim’s most recent public property purchase was a housing development plot in Rothbury, Hunter Valley, for A$275,000 in 2010.

John Ibrahim Media

Media Watch criticized The Daily Telegraph’s infatuation with Ibrahim and his family in a 2010 show broadcast on ABC TV. The Ibrahim family has been featured in The Daily Telegraph on a regular basis since Fadi Ibrahim’s 2009 shooting, where it was revealed that Ibrahim furnished the paper with images and stories about himself while professing to “hate attention” and moaning about the media attention he is receiving.

In the 2010 television miniseries Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Firass Dirani plays Ibrahim in a fictional dramatic portrayal of Kings Cross organized crime. Ibrahim was profiled in depth by the Australian Financial Review in 2014. Ibrahim told Christopher Joye of the AFR: “Who shoots people’s houses in the middle of the night? That was unheard of in my day… These are spineless cowards. From 2010 onwards, the class has been the shittiest ever. They’re merely thugs made of plastic. They cruise around in their flashy cars, complete with gold chains and tattoos, before returning home to sleep with their mothers. They’re all pretenders. It’s revolting — it’s all disordered criminality.”

John Ibrahim Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $34 Million.