Jeremiah Tower Bio, Age, Husband, Restaurants, Net Worth, Cookbooks

Jeremiah Tower Biography

Jeremiah Tower is an American celebrity chef who, together with Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck, is credited with popularizing the California cuisine culinary style. He was a foodie since boyhood but had no professional culinary training before embarking on a career as a chef.


How old is Jeremiah Tower? – Age

He is 81 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1942 in Stamford, Connecticut, United States.

Jeremiah Tower Family – Education

When his grandfather died, Tower, who had grown accustomed to being financially supported, found himself without funds and in need of work. He attended Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview in Sydney, Australia, Parkside School in Surrey, England, and Loomis Chaffee in Connecticut as the son of the managing director of an international film sound equipment company. He earned a B.A. from Harvard University before going on to pursue his master’s degree in architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Because of his passion for locating the lost city of Atlantis, he intended to pursue design after receiving his master’s degree, specifically of underwater construction in Hawaii.

Is Jeremiah Tower Gay? – Partner

Tower is openly gay.

Jeremiah Tower Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $25 Million.

Jeremiah Tower Restaurants

Tower applied for a job at the then-unknown Berkeley, California, Chez Panisse restaurant in 1972 after enjoying a berry tart there. His abilities and boldness reproducing customary French food drove Alice Waters and her accomplices to enlist him. He joined Waters and others as equal partners within a year. He was accountable for the kitchen, the menus, and the advancement of the café.

In 1978, Tower left Chez Panisse due to philosophical and business disagreements with the majority of the board, particularly with Waters (they rejected his plan to open a Panisse Cafe). He next worked at the Ventana Motel in Large Sur, and afterward in 1980 educated momentarily at the California Culinary Foundation.

In 1981, Tower brought back the failing San Francisco restaurant owned by Cathe and Doyle Moon, the Balboa Cafe. He was promoted to chef in 1982 at the Santa Fe Bar and Grill in Berkeley, California, which was also run by the Moons.

Jeremiah Tower Photo
Jeremiah Tower Photo

Together with Cathe and Doyle Moon, Tower opened Stars in 1984, which went on to become one of the Bay Area’s most successful restaurants. The restaurant opened in Palo Alto, Manila, Singapore, Oakville (Napa Valley), and Tower. Mario Batali, George Francisco, Dominique Crenn, Joey Altman, and Brendan Walsh, as well as pastry chefs Emily Luchetti and Jerry Traunfeld, were just a few of the many future American celebrity chefs who worked on the Stars network.

Tower owned the Peak Cafe in Hong Kong in the 1990s. He also owned a number of related businesses in San Francisco, including a more casual cafe, a posh bistro, and a kitchenware shop. He licensed his name and signed celebrity endorsement deals as his fame increased, including one for Dewar’s Scotch. Tower sold a portion of his Stars restaurant ownership to a Singapore-based real estate company in 1998. After two years of operation, the new owners shut down Stars.

Jeremiah Tower Cookbooks

In addition to writing two books in 2016, Tower was the keynote speaker at Oxford Brookes University’s Ken Hom lecture series.

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