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Elena Kampouris Biography

Elena Kampouris is a well-known American actress. Her credits include the 2014 drama Men, Women, and Children, the NBC drama series American Odyssey, the 2016 romantic comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, and the 2017 drama Before I Fall.


How old is Elena Kampouris? – Age

She is 25 years old as of 16 September 2022. She was born in 1997 in New York, New York, United States.

Elena Kampouris Family – Education

She is the daughter of fashion illustrator and designer Ivey Barry and wine merchant Alexander Kampouris of Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Her father is Greek from Kassos, and her mother is American of English and French ancestry. Emmanuel is Kampouris’s older brother. She grew up in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, and went to Gill St. Bernard’s School before dropping out and being tutored for her final two years of high school.

Elena Kampouris Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.

Elena Kampouris Before I Fall

She appeared as Juliet Sykes in the 2017 American science fiction teen drama film Before I Fall. Samantha Kingston awakens on Valentine’s Day, February 12. She continues to relive the same day over and over. During these loops, she tries to make amends with Anna Cartullo and grows closer to Kent, who consoles her after a disappointing first sexual experience with Rob. Later that night, Sam learns Juliet committed suicide. Sam awakens with a sense of calm and comprehension.

She resolves to be considerate and kind as she goes about her day. She sends roses to Juliet and Kent, ends her relationship with Rob, and tells her friends why she loves them. She intervenes once more to save Juliet, but when Juliet tries to run into traffic, Sam pushes her out of the way and is killed by a truck. Sam’s spirit sees Juliet standing over her body, proclaiming that Sam saved her; Sam responds, “No, no, no.” You rescued me.

Elena Kampouris My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

She appeared as Paris Miller, Toula and Ian’s 17-year-old daughter in the 2016 American romantic comedy film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Toula Portokalos-life Miller’s is in shambles; the recession has forced the closure of her travel agency and the family dry cleaners. Her husband, Ian, is the high school principal of their adolescent daughter Paris. Gus has convinced himself that he is a direct descendant of Alexander the Great and wishes to contact an ancestry website. Gus, Panos, and Taki arrive for the wedding ceremony drunk after several shots of ouzo. After seeing Gus acting foolishly, Maria storms off to the vestry, believing he is not taking the wedding seriously. Gus reads a letter from an ancestry site at the wedding reception, confirming that he is a descendant of Alexander the Great. Toula forged the letter to please her father, Ian realizes.

Elena Kampouris Photo
Elena Kampouris Photo

Elena Kampouris Jupiter’s Legacy

She appeared as as Chloe Sampson, Grace and Sheldon’s rebellious daughter in the American superhero television series Jupiter’s Legacy. Chloe becomes engrossed in a life of drugs and modeling, and she becomes cold and ruthless, dismissing the deaths of her friends and attacking them when they begin to wonder if she cared about them. Sheldon Sampson, a former businessman, travels to an uncharted island in the Atlantic Ocean shortly after his father’s suicide in 1929, triggered by Black Thursday, where he, his brother, Walter, and four others receive superpowers. He then forms the Union of Justice, a superhero team whose guiding ideals – never kill anyone, never interfere in political matters – remain constant throughout his nearly century of adventures as the Utopian.

However, his children and the next generation of superheroes struggle to live up to his rigid ideals and high expectations. When Sheldon’s son, Brandon, appears to murder one of their greatest adversaries, it sparks a public debate about whether those ideals are still relevant.

Elena Kampouris Movies

♦ 2022 – Wifelike
♦ 2021 – Shoplifters of the World
♦ 2020 – Children of the Corn
♦ 2019 – Summer Night
♦ 2017 – Before I Fall
♦ 2016 – My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
♦ 2014 – Men, Women & Children
♦ 2014 – The Cobbler
♦ 2013 – Labor Day
♦ TBA – My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Elena Kampouris TV Shows

♦ 2021 – Jupiter’s Legacy
♦ 2018 – Sacred Lies
♦ 2015 – American Odyssey
♦ 2013 – Jinxed
♦ 2012 – Gossip Girl