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Beau Garrett Biography

Beau Garrett is a model and actress from the United States. She began her modeling career in the late 1990s, after being discovered by an Elite modeling agent at the age of fourteen. She made her feature film debut in Turistas, followed by roles as Captain Raye in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Gem in Tron: Legacy.


How old is Beau Garrett? – Age

She is 39 years old as of 28 December 2021. She was born in 1982 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her real name is Beau Jesse Garrett.

Beau Garrett Family

Garrett was born as the second child of David and Randi Garrett (née Rowland) at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. She grew up in Topanga, California, in the Santa Monica Mountains, where she frequently rode horses as a child. Garrett was a competitive equestrian in her youth. Autumn Meisel (née Garrett) is her sister, and actor Kyle Chandler is her cousin.

Beau Garrett Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Beau Garrett Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

He appeared as Captain Raye in the 2007 American superhero film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. A silver object enters the Earth’s atmosphere, emitting cosmic energy that causes massive molecular fluctuations and deep craters all over the planet. The government approaches Reed Richards to track the “Silver Surfer’s” movements. Reed predicts that the next crater will appear in London, and the team departs for the city.

The plan devised by Doom, Reed, Victor, and Reed to separate the Surfer from his board is foiled. The Surfer’s board serves as a navigational beacon, guiding Galactus to Earth. Doom captures several soldiers, murders General Hager, and flees to China. The cosmic energy-powered Doom has taken possession of the Silver Surfer. The Fantastic Four save the Surfer and track down Doom in the Fantasticar. Reed and Susan marry in Japan, only to be cut short by news that Venice is sinking into the sea.

Beau Garrett Tron: Legacy

She appeared as the Siren, Gem in TRON: Legacy. Gem was a Siren who worked in the armory beneath the Arena, preparing conscripts for the games with armor. Gem first met Sam Flynn when he was apprehended and sentenced to fight in the Arena. She and the other Sirens dressed him and gave him his Identity Disc, ignoring his discomfort at their attention. After Sam escaped, Gem remained at the club, assisting Zuse when he attempted to trade Kevin Flynn’s identity disc to Clu in exchange for control of Tron City.

Beau Garrett Photo
Beau Garrett Photo

Beau Garrett Criminal Minds

He appeared as FBI SSA Gina LaSalle in the American police procedural drama Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.Gina is described as a “attractive, tough agent with a deft sense of perception.” Little else is known about her background. Gina is partnered with Morgan, and both are tasked with finding out what happened to the missing victims. She tells Morgan that Sam Cooper hired her while she was still a trainee at the academy. She also claims that her father was a former army officer and that she dropped out of West Point Military School to join the FBI. She, her team, and the BAU go in search of John Vincent Bell.

Beau Garrett The Good Doctor

She appeared as Jessica Preston, the hospital’s in-house attorney and Vice President of Risk Management in the American medical drama television series The Good Doctor. She is the hospital’s granddaughter, a friend of Dr. Glassman, and Dr. Melendez’s ex-fiancee. Shaun Murphy, a young autistic surgeon with savant syndrome from Casper, Wyoming, has a troubled past, and the series follows him. He moves to San Jose, California, to work at the prestigious St. Bonaventure Hospital.

Beau Garrett Movies

♦ 2015 – Knight of Cups
♦ 2015 – In Stereo
♦ 2014 – Lust for Love
♦ 2014 – Five O’Clock Comes Early
♦ 2013 – Diving Normal
♦ 2012 – Freelancers
♦ 2010 – Ivory
♦ 2010 – Kalamity
♦ 2010 – Tron: Legacy
♦ 2009 – Poolside
♦ 2008 – Made of Honor
♦ 2007 – Unearthed
♦ 2007 – Live!

Beau Garrett TV Shows

♦ 2021-present – Firefly Lane
♦ 2019 – The Rookie
♦ 2019 – Capsized: Blood in the Water
♦ 2017-2018, 2020 – The Good Doctor
♦ 2017-2018, 2020 – The Good Doctor
♦ 2016 – Love by Chance
♦ 2016 – Longmire – Shawna Crawford
♦ 2014 – Glee
♦ 2014-2018 – Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce
♦ 2011 – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
♦ 2011 – Memphis Beat
♦ 2011 – CSI: NY
♦ 2011 – Chuck
♦ 2010 – Warren the Ape
♦ 2010 – House