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Alanna Ubach Biography

Alanna Ubach is an American actress who has appeared in the films Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2, Meet the Fockers, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, The Brady Bunch Movie, Clockwatchers, Waiting… & Still Waiting…, Bombshell, and Coco.


How old is Alanna Ubach? – Age

She is 47 years old as of 3 October 2022. She was born in 1975 in Downey, California, United States.

Alanna Ubach Family

Ubach was born to Sidna (née González) and Rodolfo Ubach. Her father was from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and her mother was from Sinaloa, Mexico, but she was raised in Los Angeles.

Alanna Ubach Husband

She has been married to Thom Russo, an award-winning record producer. They have a child named Thomas Rodolfo Russo III.

Alanna Ubach Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $800 Thousand.

Alanna Ubach Monsters at Work

She appeared as Katherine “Cutter” Sterns, the officious crab-like rule follower in the American computer-animated streaming television series Monsters at Work. Ubach also provides voices for Carla “Killer Claws” Benitez, “Roaring” Rosie Levin, a human mother in “The Damaged Room,” and the narrator of the orientation film in “Welcome to Monsters, Incorporated.”

Monsters at Work begins the day after Henry J. Waternoose III’s arrest, with the Monsters, Inc. factory transitioning to laugh power. Tylor Tuskmon, a recent Scare Major graduate from Monsters University who has already received a letter of acceptance from Waternoose to work as a scarer at the factory, is thrilled to be working for the same company as his idol Sulley. Tylor, on the other hand, is devastated to learn that the company no longer requires scarers, and he is reassigned to work as a mechanic on the Monsters Inc. Facilities Team (MIFT). Meanwhile, Mike and Sulley are dealing with the ups and downs of running a business.

Alanna Ubach Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

She appeared as Maria in the 1993 American musical comedy film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. By disguising herself as a nun to flee the mob, Deloris Van Cartier rose to fame as a performer in Las Vegas. Sisters Mary Patrick, Mary Robert, and Mary Lazarus, who are present in the audience, welcome her back. The nuns ask her to assume the role of Sister Mary Clarence once more and serve as the new music instructor.

A group of nuns learn about the All-State Choir Championship that has been held annually at their Catholic school and decide to reenter. Father Maurice agrees as long as they fundraise themselves and have a signed parental permission form for each student. When Mr. Crisp finds a magazine with Deloris Van Cartier on the cover in the school library, he alerts Father Maurice to the fraud. The choir enters the stage and performs “Joyful, Joyful” in an urban contemporary gospel arrangement with hip-hop choreography.

Alanna Ubach Pound Puppies

On Pound Puppies, she provides the voices for Strudel, Mr. Nut Nut, and other characters. The smartest member of the pack is a female dachshund named Strudel who speaks with a German accent. Since she lacks opposable thumbs, she builds her inventions with the help of the team’s squirrels. She is rational and intelligent, but she has a temper when things go wrong. She occasionally regrets not taking on more missions, which she attributes to her athletic body.

At Shelter 17, Mr. Nut Nut is one of Strudel’s squirrel helpers. Nut Nut enjoys working. Most of the time, Strudel gives him a new responsibility or position. Even though the dogs are awesome, they lack a squirrel’s dexterous hands. When a caper calls for dexterity, Lucky and his crew turn to Mr. Nut Nut and his fellow squirrels. Strudel oversees the squirrels that assist her in creating her devices. Strangely, despite not speaking the same language, the squirrels and dogs appear to be able to communicate.

Alanna Ubach Photo
Alanna Ubach Photo

Alanna Ubach Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

In Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, she voiced Lola Boa, a boa constrictor, and is often the voice of reason amongst Brandy’s friends. The closest friend of Lola is Brandy Harrington. Even when things are difficult, Lola is always there to support her. However, she occasionally finds Brandy’s harsh nature intolerable. Because Brandy swallows rodents whole while they are still alive, she secretly thinks she is disgusting. Nevertheless, Lola stays one of Brandy’s closest friends throughout the entire series. One of Mr. Whiskers’ friends is Lola. He often feels threatened and scared by Lola because of his fear of snakes. When Brandy is being harsh on Mr. Whiskers, Lola frequently demonstrates sympathy for him.

Ed and Lola Boa have always been close. Later on in the series, they start to exhibit some affection for one another.Mr. Whiskers initially opposed it strongly because he thought they wouldn’t get enough “guy time.” But because Lola was her best friend, Brandy thought it was a good idea. They both confess their feelings for one another in the episode “A Really Crushing Crush.”

Alanna Ubach Movies

♦ 2022 – Legally Blonde 3
♦ 2019 – Bombshell
♦ 2018 – Gloria Bell
♦ 2017 – To the Bone
♦ 2017 – Coco
♦ 2013 – A Haunted House
♦ 2013 – Garbage
♦ 2013 – Being Us
♦ 2013 – I Know That Voice
♦ 2012 – Envelope
♦ 2011 – Bad Teacher
♦ 2011 – Rango
♦ 2009 – Stuntmen
♦ 2009 – Still Waiting…

Alanna Ubach TV Shows

♦ 2022 – The Ghost and Molly McGee
♦ 2022 – The Flight Attendant
♦ 2021 – Monsters at Work
♦ 2021 – Guilty Party
♦ 2021 – Maya and the Three
♦ 2020–present – Crossing Swords
♦ 2020 – Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
♦ 2020 – Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet
♦ 2020 – Filthy Rich
♦ 2019–present – Euphoria
♦ 2018 – Snowfall
♦ 2017–present – Puppy Dog Pals
♦ 2017–2019 – Welcome to the Wayne
♦ 2016 – American Horror Story: Hotel
♦ 2016 – TripTank